That Dreamy Deluxe feelin’ this Valentine season as we take a look what makes MOLLBABE Danielle Lynn tick this Valentine’s season as she’s back for yet another amazing feature alongside Jude Vickery Photography in our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA February 2020 edition…


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Photography By Jude Vickery on instagram | twitter | facebook | website


She’s Back Ladies and Gents… that fiery “Blond Bombshell” MOLLBABE aka Danielle Lynn is back with a Bang!… and this time it’s all about that “Dreamy Deluxe Beauty” look in those eyes, for the Valentine season this month… true beauty and bliss combine… that’s what Danielle is all about and more,

as our CEO Arne Schreuder finds that out in today’s interview feature with Danielle Lynn and Jude Vickery Photography for our MOLLMAGSA FEBRUARY 2020 edition feature – “Dreamy Deluxe of Beauty”

Welcome back Danielle and Jude and congrats on being our feature for today for MOLLMAGSA FEBRUARY 2020 edition, how do you feel right now? 

Danielle – It’s always a true blessing and a feeling of true happiness to be featured in MOLLMAGSA its totally mind blowing to be back for another amazing feature alongside Jude and myself…  ,so glad to be part of the MOLLMAG FAMILY!! 

Jude Vickery Photography – I’m excited to have a featured set.  Danielle is absolutely gorgeous in these photos! 

February is the month of love so we would like to know how would you spend the special time with that special someone in your life Danielle? 

“Well, I’m always down for a dinner and massages. I also love to travel so I wouldn’t mind a small getaway.”


Back to you Photographer Jude Vickery, tell us what makes model Danielle Lynn so a unique model to work with? 

Danielle works hard to maintain her body to keep it ready for photo-shoots. She’s also very experienced, talented, and knows a lot more about how to get good photos than just the modeling part of it.  

“She put the pieces of the wardrobe for this set together over a period of time for instance. When she presented the concept, I was excited to see what we could do with it.” 

Danielle what is it about Jude’s Photography that made you want to work with him on photo shoot projects? 

Jude’s an amazing photographer and has an eye for lighting. It also helps that Jude and I just click together…We work super well together. 

Jude as a photographer a Photo speaks a thousand words or more…where did the passion for photography and all start for you and which photograph is the most memorable one for you in so many you’ve taken over the years and why? 

Photography became an interest of mine when I was a child. I knew when I was looking at photos in magazines that taking photos like what I was seeing was something I wanted to do.  

It’s true I’ve taken a lot of photos, but it’s hard for me to pick just one as a favorite. I’m always trying to improve my work and do something better than I’ve ever done before, so while I have a lot of photos, I’ve done that I like, I can usually still see improvements that I can make the next time I’m shooting.

“It’s a constant process, and one that is always giving me new favorites”

VALENTINES Q&A with Danielle Lynn: 

Favorite all time romantic movie? – Lol. I don’t know how romantic but I love the Wedding Planner and 27 Dresses 

Who would you say is your secret Celebrity crush… spill the beans? – 100% Nick Lachey there is no doubt about that one, for sure. 

Your First Kiss when and where and with whom? – I think I was 16 and it was in his car. 

If a famous writer would right a love story novel about your life Danielle, what would the title of that love story novel be in your opinion? – Mmmm… it would be entitled “Second time Around” 

Your go to gift for Valentine’s Day to receive or give someone what would that be? – I love getting shoes for Valentine’s Day so if anyone wants to, I love Nike’s and high heels… wink wink.