Today is the day to focus on ” Local South African Beauty” with our next feature for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA FEBRUARY 2020 edition featuring Bernice Groenewald alongside Photographer Eduard Labuschagne from ModelConnectRSA


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Photography by ModelConnectRSA on facebook | instagram | youtube and website


This lady is a true hidden gem from SOUTH AFRICA aka all the way from Limpopo to be exact… a lady that loves the outdoors to be in the bushveld riding her beloved horses… yes horse riding is her way of relaxing and just being one with nature and staying true to her South African roots.

As we introduce to you all Bernice Groenewald… Bernice passion and pride runs deep, not is she just a lady that loves nature, cares about the environment  and horse riding, but she also has a huge passion for modeling strutting her beautiful and confident finesse looks in front of that camera lens these days…

“as she’s full of secrets when the time comes to shine in front of the camera” ,  plus she’s also very determent and focus driven when it comes to fitness and keeping fit as well…

so lets find out more as our CEO Arne Schreuder interviews Bernice and Photographer Eduard for today’s editorial feature for MOLLMAGSA FEBRUARY 2020 EDITION ” Farm Girl Cowboy Finesse”


Warm Welcome to you both Bernice and Eduard, what’s the reaction and feeling you have knowing your one of our features for our FEBRUARY 2020 MOLLMAGSA issue? 

Model Bernice – I am thrilled, excited and thankful for the opportunity to be featured in this amazing magazine aka MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA. 

Eduard from MODELCONNECTRSA – I am always super exited to be featured in MOLLMAGSA very proud to be able to get published. 

Bernice give us a short 4 sentence intro to whom you are and where you reside from? 

I am from a small town called Modimille (Nylstroom) in the Limpopo Province – SOUTH AFRICA. I believe…

“I am a kind, caring and energetic person. I believe in hard work and giving my best in everything that I do. I love animals and enjoy working with kids.”

How did the passion for modeling all start for you Bernice… when and where please share? 

It all started back in high school when me and a friend went to Balito KZN, we played around with the camera on the beach and the photos came out really good. I felt like I can express myself in a different way in front of a camera than in other places of my life.  

“From there on I have worked with wonderful photographers, which, of course my favorite is Eduard Labuschagne from MODELCONNECTRSA.”

Eduard from a photographer’s view what is it that makes Bernice so a unique look in front of the camera lens? 

Bernice is one of those who doesn’t give away her secrets beforehand but when you point a camera at her it’s like all of the lights in the world get turned on at the same time and she just pops.

Other than modeling what’s your hobbies and interests Bernice? 

Being outside in nature and spending quality time with my horse and take her out on regular rides in the bushveld. I am also studying towards a degree in education.  

“And at least 5 days a week I train with Koos Henning at Henning Fitness studio as well.” So, you can say I’m a busy busy lady…

Eduard back to you explain in your own words what the vocal points was for this photo shoot together with model Bernice? 

“The shoot was set to have a really nice country vibe to it obviously, Bernice packet the perfect outfits.”

Bernice being South African what is the one thing in the country you wish you could change for the better if you had the power to do so?  

I would love to get the government to fund the NSPCA and also to implement educational programs for children so that they learn in how to take proper care of their animals and the environment. 


Favorite Movie to watch for Valentine’s Day? – Titanic Starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio written and directed by the phenomenal James Cameron   

First Kiss, when and where? – That’s a secret… I don’t kiss and tell, wink wink!! 

What is your idea of a perfect date night? – A Romantic dinner at a cozy restaurant with tasty food and good wine. 

What does the word “LOVE” mean to you? – To me “love” is a strong feeling that is not self-seeking and full of ulterior motives, but rather full of kindness, respect, patience, support and forgiveness and nonetheless you see perfection in imperfection itself. 

Your secret celebrity crush who will that be and why? – It used to be… Paul Walker, before he passed away, because of his humbleness, beautiful eyes and smile and great personality.  Currently it is Chris Hemsworth, because he rides horses and looks pretty good doing it.