February is here and its the month of love and all about Valentine’s so we are proud to announce our COVER MODEL aka Vicky Ramsingh as shes our #MissFebruary2020 for our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA Valentine’s Edition…


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Photography By Lloyd Bell from BELL STUDIOS on instagram and facebook


Love is in the air and its all about Valentine’s this month of February as we introduce our COVER MODEL for FEB 2020… the all so beautiful soul inside and outside a woman of true grace passion and pride … Vicky Ramsingh alongside South African Photography talent Lloyd Bell from BELL STUDIOS.

As this month is all about love and how to… “Let Your Love Shine” for your loved one, soulmate and life partner, Vicky shares with us her views on what Valentine’s Day mean to her and the true meaning on how to let your Love Shine for your partner and soulmate to be in life…

as our CEO Arne Schreuder interviews her to find out more.

Congrats on being our FEBRUARY 2020 cover feature for MOLLMAGSA, Vicky tell us what’s your feelings, emotions, reactions to your very first cover feature with us today? 

Any achievement or small mile stone I always appreciate. “MOLLMAGSA has been part of my modeling journey for some good time now so I can never truly word my gratitude to be a part of this.”

“And to also be this month’s cover model is also so so amazing, words can’t explain how truly grateful and happy I am, thank you so much for each and everyone’s support”

This month’s feature is all about Valentines as February is the month of LOVE, in your own words tell us how do you… #LetYourLoveShine for your loved one / or that someone special in your life? 

It’s important to ALWAYS show the one you love and appreciate especially since life is so short and unpredictable that…“I do love and do care for the special LOVE of my life.”

, and I feel this month just allow us to take a step back and remember what we blessed with and who we blessed with. 

Most memorable moments of this shoot share with us? 

I think just how smoothly it ran and how amazing we got the shots in such a short period was spectacular.

Let’s Backflash… Vicky please share with us your very first “ Be My Valentine” poem you’ve written to your VERY FIRST Valentine you had back in your school days? 

Mmmm to think about… Is it bad that I never did haha


First Kiss when and where? – Mmm… back in Grade 8 and it was with my first boyfriend ever, it happened at my childhood home and I was so nervous cause he was this bad boy in my eyes…. hahaha thinking about it now, I can cringe!! 

Most memorable romantic date? – I’m still experiencing my most memorable dates now with my amazing partner in my life. 

Would you get into a relationship with yourself? Assuming that “the other you” is a gender you are attracted to and what would be your reaction and feeling about it? – Haha not a chance. “I feel every day for my partner and for putting up with me. I’m very blessed with the best.”  

, but assuming the other me is a gender that I would be attracted to, I can only say this… “Love is love. If it’s for you then why not.” 

Which Celebrity do you have a secret crush on please share? – I have to say Bonang Matheba, #QUEENB. Firstly, she’s proudly South African and changing the business game for ladies all over. We have our very own hidden gem here in SA and that needs recognition on its own. 

#FoodPorn what’s your favorite Valentines food dish to enjoy / sweet treat? – Chocolate covered strawberries and lots and lots of champagne darling! 

Favorite Romantic movie of all time? – Moulin Rouge… Greatest love story always! In my opinion. Starring – Nicole Kidman, Ewan McGregor, John Leguizamo and more.