Today’s feature has a touch of Valentine and some glam lingerie and swimwear styles to keep that Valentine’s feel glowing for the month of February as we introduce aka JCass Cassidy alongside International Photography Warren M Eckstein.


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Photography by Warren M Eckstein at @all_warren on instagram also on website


Introducing our “Valentine Dream” for the month of FEBRUARY and the month of Valentine’s… as this lady is a true talent not just is she a successful model internationally, but she’s also very well known in the music industry as well aka JCASS Cassidy.

JCASS knew from a young age back then that she was born to entertain and so yes ladies and gents, she makes it sparkle on the world stage as a music artist as well as a model in the entertainment world out there…

Furthermore JCASS is not just a pretty face and a music star but she also graduated with a honors degree in Communication as well, so its no surprise this stunning talented lady has the key to unlock a successful and bright career for herself everywhere she goes… 

Let’s find out more as Arne Schreuder our CEO sat down with International photographer Warren M Eckstein, to find out more what makes JCASS so a phenomenal soul , as JCASS along with Warren are our feature for today in our MOLLMAGSA FEBRUARY 2020 monthly edition.


A very warm welcome to you Warren… congrats on yet another phenomenal feature for February 2020 with us… what’s the feelings you going through right at this moment? 

I am in total shock, but amazed with surprise and delight. It’s also a pleasure to be a part of the MOLLMAG USA, MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA AND MOLLMAG AUSTRALIA team and the publications, but this one came out of left field. I hadn’t expected this, but I can say that I feel blessed to be able to showcase more work here.  It’s a tremendous feeling.  

“And I had enjoyed the work with JCass so much, I’m glad to see it getting more exposure.”

Give us a short intro to how you discovered Model JCASS Cassidy for the very first time to take on a photography journey together, to this very day? 

Actually, JCass and I met via social media. I had admired her talents as a singer and also her striking beauty. I reached out her and we coordinated time to speak of options to work together.   

It took a bit of scheduling and planning, due to our differing residential locations, but finally we were able to set up a schedule for our shoot.  

“We ended up finally meeting in Las Vegas back in September and it was an amazing adventure.  Loved this event!!”

What is it that makes JCASS so a unique model to work with? 

JCass is very dedicated to her work, whether it be her musical career, her family, model shoots or whatever she becomes involved in.  She loves to be an integral part of what is happening, so when working with her, both JCass and I teamed up with thoughts and ideas for each look,  

to make sure we were doing something inventive and creative.  Her natural beauty, and great smile makes shooting her easy, but we were both determined to go a little bit further to make sure each image “popped”. 

Explain to us the vocal points about this photo shoot you and JCASS did together? 

Well, as far as vocals points, we really didn’t do much in that perspective. Sad to say, we had a limited time to shoot as JCass had other events in Vegas.

However, I have to admit, I did ask her to do a little short song for me, during a quick break, so I was able to enjoy her vocals.  “Beyond her obvious beauty, she has a lovely singing voice.” 

From this whole set in today’s feature what would be your favorite photograph of JCASS and also give the reason why you say so? 

WOW, this is tough, as I love both of the sets selected for JCass feature for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA FEBRUARY ISSUE.  I think both of these showcases her so well. But if pressed, I think I would say I like the fireplace red bikini shots best of all, although I couldn’t realistically pick 1 single favorite.  But I think those shots, in particular show what makes a great model.

“Her amazing figure and her gorgeous smile. Every shoot is a teamwork effort, and not even the greatest photographer can make a photo all by him/herself.”

The blessing of working with JCass is she understands how to pose beautifully, using her natural curves to deliver stunning shots, and then you add her lovely smile to it, and you literally hit the jackpot with great images.

I think that what we have done here, and hope the fans at MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA will totally agree as well… 



  • Her music genre she performs are, Spanish language music and soulful lyrics, to upbeat Electro Pop tracks that keeps fans on the edge of their seats wanting more at live music shows.
  • With her HIT single “Take You Home” reached No. 1 on the charts in the Netherlands for six weeks, making JCASS an international music star in her own right.
  • JCASS also modeled for companies like, Harley Davidson, LolliRocks Bikinis, Brand Nu Faces cosmetics AND MORE… 
  • She resides from Houston Texas, USA.
  • JCASS heritage is a mix of Nicaraguan, Costa Rican/Irish, German American.