Our last feature to close out February month aka The Month of Valentine as we give you all a true fan favorite of many, as she’s back again for another sublime feature aka Marketa Galuszkova for MOLLMAGSA…


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It’s all about that Mystique of Beauty and Romance combined for the month of Valentine… we once again bring you the majestic beauty and amazing model and lady aka Marketa Galuszkova

, as she tells us more about what TRUE LOVE AND ROMANCE means to her as a woman, for the month of Valentine… as our CEO Arne Schreuder finds out more…“That Mystique Look of Beauty and Romance”

Welcome Back Marketa how does it feel be back again for another feature? 

I am so happy and grateful to be back for another feature thank you so much making me part of the FEBRUARY MONTH issue.

This feature is part of our Valentines Month edition, tell us how did you spend the month of Valentine? 

“I really had an amazing time with the love of my life as we had some quality time together, loved it so so much.”

What makes you so a unique look and model Marketa… please explain? 

Well it’s all about originality for me … “Just be yourself” don’t try too hard to be someone else that you are not…

just stay original to yourself and be yourself, also own the moment and make it your moment… that’s the key of being unique in the modeling industry. 

Define “Romance” in your own words what does that mean to you as a woman Marketa? 

The trick is to figure out what works for you as a woman and your partner together… what you both like to do and give one another when it comes to romance and love… there are so many ways to express romance to each other,

If you’re a true romantic anything will be romantic in life when you share and care for each other in life, may it be small or big, just know true love and romance comes within the heart and soul, 

And it connects each other through the “language of love” unconditionally…that’s why the POWER OF LOVE AND ROMANCE is so powerful in the end.


“…. Remember to Love each other Unconditionally”