Our next feature is another South African true gem of beauty as we introduce model Bianca Meyer to the #mollmagfamily alongside JJ Photography SA for our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA FEBRUARY 2020 edition


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This Bubbly Personality aka Bianca Meyer is a lady that loves to be in the spotlight, as that’s the stage and time for her to show her true glow and potential. In her own words she describes herself as a ” Creative Entertainer” who loves performing for people whether it’s in the field of acting, dancing, modeling or even rapping…

Bianca has a true talent when it comes to entertainment because this free spirit lady, is very open minded and comfortable with her Beauty and Body…

As our CEO Arne Schreuder finds out more of what makes Bianca the remedy of true beauty within, as she makes it glow in front of the camera lens in today’s model feature alongside Johnathan Abraham from JJ PhotographySA for our MOLLMAGSA FEBRUARY 2020 feature – “Nature’s Remedy of Beauty”


Welcome Bianca and Jonathan… congrats on being part of our FEB 2020 MOLLMAGSA monthly features, tell us how do you feel? 

Model Bianca – I feel really honored to be featured in this magazine as it’s always been my dream to model & have the opportunity to showcase my talents.  So, thank you MOLLMAGSA and Arne Schreuder for featuring me in this month’s issue. 

JJ PHOTOGRAPHY SA (JONATHAN ABRAHAM) – Always a wonderful feeling to be part of the MOLLMAG FAMILY and be published once again in MOLLMAGSA thank you so much Arne you’re doing a phenomenal job alongside the whole team involved. 


Jonathan what makes Bianca’s modeling look so unique as this was her first photo shoot with you what’s the qualities of her that stands out? 

“She is very open minded and she’s very comfortable with her body and you can see how confident she is in her modeling.”

Bianca please introduce yourself to us all and our fans and readers in a quick 4 sentence intro? 

My name is Bianca, I’m 27 years old from JHB. To sum me up I would definitely have to say that I’m a creative entertainer who loves performing for people whether it’s in the field of acting, dancing, modeling or even rapping. 

We come to notice this was your first photo shoot alongside JJ Photography SA, Bianca what would you say is so fascinating about modeling for you list 5 points? 

  • Modeling is not as easy as it looks, sometimes you are posing in positions that are unnatural & might make your muscles sore in order to get certain shots. 
  • I love the way the camera captures a story & nature or essence of a person in the moment.  
  • I think modeling is cool because it can give you a platform to inspire & motivate others to chase their dreams. 
  • Modeling is fun as it allows you to express yourself in a creative way as well as giving you more self-confidence. 
  • I’m fascinated with the different kinds of fashion & shoots you can create in order to produce artistic photos. 


Bianca, we also hear along the grapevine you also were part of the South African hit soapie tv series aka “Binnelanders” tell us a bit about that journey of yours as well? 

Well since I’ve always wanted to do acting, I managed to get into agencies as a background actor for Binnelanders & other local soapies. Although personally myself I do not speak Afrikaans & do not have a lead role on the show,  

I have been established as a regular nurse who acts in the background in order to make the show realistic. Sometimes I have been featured with dialogue but the aim is to definitely have a role on a lead show one day.  

Hopefully it’s an English show wink wink

Being Proudly South African in today’s lifestyle Bianca what does that mean to you please share? 


“Being a proud South African woman means that no matter where you are from or what your circumstance is, you have the ability to push for your dreams & shape your future.”

It’s the month of Valentines aka February, how are you going to spend it? 

Model Bianca – Valentines falls on a Friday this year, so I’ll probably be working as a shooter girl at Chivalry Gentleman’s Lounge.So, if I don’t get any chocolates from anyone then please definitely come support & buy some delicious shooters from me!” 

JJ PHOTOGRAPHY SA (JONATHAN ABRAHAM) – … work work work, it will be all the way full steam ahead doing PHOTO SHOOTS,  “so please have a look on my social media photography pages and come book a photo shoot session with me.”

QUICK FIRE FUN FACTS WITH BIANCA MEYER and Jonathan Abraham from JJ Photography SA: 

Your daily inspirational quote aka mantra? – 

BIANCA:  “Don’t Stop till You Get to The Top!” 

PHOTOGRAPHER JONATHAN ABRAHAM: When it comes to work always keep it professional, but also have fun while working otherwise it will get boring while working. 

Favorite late-night snack and cocktail drink you enjoy at a night out with your homie crew? –  

BIANCA: That’s a hard question cause even when I’m out ordering I can take forever as I pretty much love all food & cocktails. Vodka, gin & tonic I would say is my favorite though… 

PHOTOGRAPHER JONATHAN ABRAHAM: Would be having popcorn or something savory I’m not much for sweet things like ice cream or chocolates, and for cocktails I normally go for either mojito or a long island ice tea 

Favorite Movie or Netflix series at the moment? –  

BIANCA: The Movie Bombshell starring my idol Charlize Theron as well as Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie… and also the movie Hustlers Starring Jennifer Lopez (J-LO), Julia Stiles, Constance Wu, Cardi B and G-Eazy  

PHOTOGRAPHER JONATHAN ABRAHAM: The new Bad Boys 3 movie, I’m loving also the TV series called S.W.A.T I’m a sucker for a good Action movie or something fast and exciting.

Favorite Music Chart Topping Jam you bust a move out on the dance floor? –  

BIANCA: At the moment I’m loving the deep house song Jolean by Get Real & Claude Von Stroke. 

PHOTOGRAPHER JONATHAN ABRAHAM: Trance, Dance Rock, a little bit of something classical, something to calm you down I’m not really fussy when it comes to music. 

Dream Vacation spot in the whole world where would that be? –  

BIANCA: Maybe a beach island somewhere but my heart is also set on Los Angeles California. 

PHOTOGRAPHER JONATHAN ABRAHAM: Well in May it will be my first time I get to travel the world so I’m very excited for that, I will be visiting Amsterdam, France and then I’m going on a 7-day Cruise through the Mediterranean so that will be my new Favorite Vacation spot. 

Fast forward the clock of life where would you see yourself in 5years time from now? –  

BIANCA: I would love to be back in America, hopefully acting in LA just living the dream, as I so want to go and live there someday in the future. 

PHOTOGRAPHER JONATHAN ABRAHAM: I would like to have my business bigger and I would love to have a family of my own in the next 5 years, but I don’t really like to plan anything, because I hate not to reach a goal.

What’s the silliest thing OMG moment you had recently, time to spill the beans? –  

BIANCA: This is not recent but I definitely slipped up when I got inside someone else’s car that was not my mom. Lol. 

PHOTOGRAPHER JONATHAN ABRAHAM: … I have done bungee jumping, if that counts as an OMG moment. 

Any hidden talent you have that nobody knows about… now is the time to share it, what would that be? – 

BIANCA: I’m really good with makeup & transforming myself/friends into #BEAUTYQUEENS 

PHOTOGRAPHER JONATHAN ABRAHAM: Well… I was an Olympic bronze medalist back in 2003 for playing Golf, plus I am very good doing art as well, but I haven’t done it in a long time. 

Most valuable possession you can’t go without?  – 

BIANCA:  Cellphone / Mobile phone, only because you use it for everything, communication, internet banking, photos etc. 

PHOTOGRAPHER JONATHAN ABRAHAM: For me it would be owning an open heart… The most powerful weapon you can be is an instrument of peace.