Our Fitness fix for today … part of our MARCH 2020 Fitness Supreme Special as today is Part 2 of that, getting ourselves ready for that supreme fitness look we all want with today’s newest feature Darlene Rosa and Keston Duke Photography for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA


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Let’s Get our Fit on and make every squat, lunge and lift make a difference for the future, in our #FitnessLifestyle 

Our FITNESS SUPREME EDITORIAL today focuses on just that with the phenomenal international photographer aka Keston Duke Photography alongside Darlene Rosa and our CEO Arne Schreuder as they showcase today their fitness supreme looks PART 2… 

3 Fitness Supreme Quotes of the Day… 

“What seems Impossible today will one day be your warm-up for the future ahead”

“A little progress today adds up to BIG RESULTS in the end” 

“Hustle for that Muscle”