March 2020 we kick off with a Swimwear Beauty Knockout… as we introduce to you all our Covermodel for MOLLMAGSA MARCH 2020 aka Aamz AJ


follow March 2020 cover model Aamz AJ @aamzaj 

Photography by Patrick King  @pkp.images

MUA done by Sophie Jean at @sophiejeanmua

also Swimwear Sponsored by Tracyb Swimwear @tracyb_swimwear


Aamz AJ is back once again and this time as our MOLLMAGSA MARCH 2020 cover model from Cape Town South Africa alongside the talented international photographer Patrick King from South Africa and MUA phenomenal Sophie Jean and the sublime Swimwear by Tracy B Swimwear …

our very own HOMEGROWN aka PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN  talent from the shores of Cape Town South Africa, that truly makes waves nationally as well as international known as our CEO Arne Schreuder finds out more…

– ” That Swimwear Beauty Knockout”

Welcome Back Aamz and congrats on being our covermodel for the month of MARCH 2020 how does it feel to be this month’s cover feature? 

Thank you it feels good to be part of the MOLLMAG & MOLLMAGSA family 

 Today’s theme for this feature is all about that “Striking Swimwear KnockOut factor of beauty” you possess Aamz… in your own words describe what does that mean to you personally? 

Well thank you. To be honest I’m just me… silly dorky old me! Lol … it’s the swimwear that’s so striking!!! Haha  

I always loved the water both beach and pool… and I’ve always had a fetish for collecting swimwear! I can never have enough swimwear hahaSo, I always have fun shooting swimwear!

Doing this shoot alongside the talented Patrick King from Patrick King Photography… What’s the most striking for you about his work behind the lens Aamz? 

“He is very professional in the work he does, it’s always a pleasure to work with him on photo shoot projects.”

Talking Swimwear what’s your favorite brand of swimwear and why do you say so? 

Like I said I love swimwear! So, anything that will look good on me is a winner However my personal favorite is Victoria Secret.  

The beautiful swimwear piece I’m wearing in this feature is Tracy B Swimwear. Locally made in South Africa by Tracy and they absolutely lovely! This specific piece of hers is my favorite one for sure.   

What drives you to be a success in life Aamz, explain to us? 

I’ve always pushed myself to do better in all aspects of my life.  

“But as a new mom, it’s motivation for me to strive for success and do the best I can and it’s important to never give up no matter how tough things get. Just keep at it!”


Aamz as you love to travel tell us which travel destination is on your to do list aka bucket list for the foreseeable future? – Spain and Greece 

Which body part of you would you say is the most desirable for you that you like the most? – A few years back I’d say my booty wink wink… and then it was my hair … haha but honestly right now… I find knowledge and intelligence attractive… and I’ve started to love the nerdy side of myself as well. 

Favorite social media platform you use to keep in touch with the world? – INSTAGRAM 

Pet Peeve? – Sitting in Traffic  

What makes you laugh out loud the most share with us a particular moment that comes to mind? – Having a blast with all my friends and family always gets me a good laugh, because they all so crazy Lol! … and perhaps some Jim Carey movies as well LOL!