Its all about Lingerie Talk today with newest Lingerie Editorial for MOLLMAGSA MARCH 2020 Edition with the beautiful Rachel Ashley Johnson and Photographer Lucius James IV from USA California.


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Photography by Lucius James IV on instagram at @luciusjamesiv also on website

Lingerie Sponsored by AGENT PROVOCATEUR on instagram and website


Let’s Talk Lingerie, as its all about feeling comfortable, confident powerful and sexy in what a woman wears and feels very beautiful in… portraying one’s true beauty, that’s what our MOLLBABE model Rachel Ashley Johnson is all about, together with…

international photographer Lucius James IV that made this happen with his phenomenal Photography skills , and also not forgetting Agent Provocateur Lingerie that makes every women of today feel confident and beautiful in what they all wear… when it comes to the beautiful lingerie outfits.

As our CEO Arne Schreuder finds out more…


Another feature in the bag and part of our MARCH 2020 MOLLMAGSA edition and this time it’s a Lingerie editorial how do you feel Rachel Ashley Johnson? 

Very happy and truly blessed thank you… this month of MARCH has truly been very special to me, really blessed to be part of the MOLLMAG FAMILY, thank you so much Arne you are truly the best. 

What’s that stand out factor about Photographer Lucuis James work that made you want to do this photo shoot with him…? 

Absolutely amazing work so professional as well as very beautiful photos,

“LOVED the way he portrayed my true beauty in these photos and it made me feel so beautiful and confident in myself…” 

thank you so much Lucuis James, cannot wait to do another project together.


What’s one thing we would find very interesting about you Rachel Ashley, that would surprise many of our readers and your fans and followers about you that no one knew? … time to spill the beans 

Mmmm, let me think…. This should come as a surprise… I actually did some Ballet Dancing for about 10 years, I danced for the SAN FRANCISCO, San Rafeal and Moscow Ballet Company back in my early days. 

“I’ve got a huge passion for dance and Ballet … love it very much.”


Your favorite hobbies? – Love to travel the world and explore more amazing places around the world, also love YOGA classes as I love to stay fit and healthy and YOGA makes me feel at peace with my surroundings, also wine tasting and shopping to name a few 

What’s your go to Quote of the Day you live life by? – “Treat others the way you would like to be treated” 

On what do your followers and fans compliment you the most on? – Well… people say I have a beautiful face and eyes.