Introducing our MOLLMAGSA MARCH 2020 cover model Man of Style Edition today with the classy and go-getter in life aka Hensly Fonjah the man of the hour alongside Photographer Lana Elyse from Glam Brand Photo


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Photography by @iamlana.elyse from @glambrandphoto also on

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Today we focus on that Menswear Classy stylish look, that grooming factor and also mens health with a dash of success in the business world of today as a MAN for a MAN.

Our Covermodel Man of Style Mens Edition… aka Hensly Fonjah surely ticks all those boxes as our CEO Arne Schreuder finds out more as he sat down with the classic and stylish man himself Hensly Fonjah together with Lana Elyse Photgorapher and owner from Glam Brand Photo , for our March 2020 MOLLMAGSA mens edition.


Welcome Hensly and Lana and congrats with your MAN OF STYLE Special edition cover feature this month for MOLLMAGSA how do you feel? 

Hensly – I’m extremely happy and great for the opportunity to be featured on the magazine and can’t wait for more to come.

Lana Elyse (GLAM BRAND) – Awesome! I’m always thankful to be featured and get others featured with MOLLMAG USA and MOLLMAGSA 

Today’s feature is all about MAN OF STYLE which style would you say do you make your own and makes you stand out from the rest Hensly? 

As much as I love being shirtless and taking fitness pictures, but something people don’t know is I love getting dressed up in a suit and tie.

“So, to describe my style I’d say its formal and semi-formal.”

Let’s talk Men’s Grooming which products do you use on a daily bases to get that perfect grooming look Hensly , please explain , your grooming routine to us? 

My hair brush is something that completes me. I could not be dressed to impressed but if my face and hair isn’t presentable, I can’t fill complete.  

“I spend about 5 minutes when I’m getting ready just brushing my hair and applying products to it.”

Back to you Lana how would you as a photographer describe Hensly’s look and unique style? 

I’d say he’s got a classic style…“a classic man!”

That Fitness Factor, how do you keep in shape in the busy lifestyles we live in these days Hensly give us a short intro into your HEALTHY eating plan and fitness routine you strictly follow? 

Well I’m a pescatarian / vegetarian. I eat a lot of vegetables that give me plenty of energy throughout the day. I try to work out 4-5 times a week. No set days but when I find time between my busy schedule.  

My workouts consist mainly of cardio from running a couple miles to running bleachers to doing sprints and because I don’t like lifting weights, I’ve found a passion in mastering my body weight.  

“Pushups, air squats, lunges and ab workouts have become my best friend in working out and knowing my limits.” 


In your own words what makes a successful businessman in today’s world Hensly… give us 5 HIGHLIGHT POINTS in your opinion? 

  • To be a successful businessman requires a lot of sacrifice. Success doesn’t come over night, it requires a lot of sleepless nights that will be given up. 
  • Having motivation to keep producing what you’re selling is much needed cause not everyone is going to want what you’re selling but that shouldn’t stop you from selling it to just one person.  
  • Knowledge is something else that could sell the product for you.  
  • People want to see that you’re knowledgeable and confident in what you’re selling.  
  • So constant creativity and passion is going to be needed to keep your market interested and that in turn gives you the drive to keep creating. 


What’s on your to do list aka bucket list for the Month of March 2020? – My father passed away February 12, after a month of planning his funeral with my family, on the 27th of March we will be laying him down 6 feet below at his final resting place. 

Favorite social media platform you use to keep up with all the gossip and news the world has to offer? – Facebook definitely tops it. Of course, not everything on there is true as well so further reach gets done when something is alarming. 

Pet Peeve? –  Don’t like messiness or things being unorganized 

What’s the key to be a true gentleman in your opinion? – ONE WORD… Respect Respect Respect Respect and asking her, what she wants to do.

Star sign? – Gemini 

Where do you see yourself in 5years from now? – Moving my mom in with me to help raise my kids and traveling the world helping people become healthier. 

Inspirational Quote you live your life by? – Treat others as you should be treated but self-happiness comes first.”