Getting our Swimwear vibes on for March 2020 specifically that Retro vibe swimwear look featuring Misha Star and Ashley Brooke Photography as they bring us some RETRO SWIMWEAR STYLES editorial all the way from AUSTRALIA


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All the way from The Gold Coast Queensland Australia our newest feature today with MOLLBABE MODEL Misha Star is bound to bring some new fresh vibes and looks to the fold…

Misha is truly passionate in what she stands for and does in the modeling industry of today plus with a bubbly fun personality, as she and Photographer Ashley Brooke is truly a winning combo when it comes to doing projects and photo shoots together , as the saying goes “ THE YING TO YOUR YANG”

As our CEO Arne Schreuder finds out more about this #WomenPower Double Team from Down Under… Australia , for our MOLLMAGSA MARCH 2020 edition.

“Retro Swimwear Editorial with love from Australia”

Welcome Misha and Ashley congrats on your very first Swimwear Editorial feature with us at MOLLMAGSA for our MARCH 2020 edition… tell us how do you feel? 

Model Misha – Thank you so much Arne, for giving us this amazing opportunity. It feels surreal but so great! Ash and I work so hard together for certain moments like this! 

Ashley Brooke Photography – Arne… Thank you for such an incredible opportunity and what an amazing way to start off 2020!! 

Introduction, Misha tell us a little bit about yourself where you are from and what makes you being whom you are today… in 3 to 4 sentences? 

So, my name is Misha Star, I am 20 years old and from the Gold Coast, Australia! I have been in the modelling agency / industry on and off since I have been around 9 years old. 

Growing up I was lucky enough to call my Mum my best friend and my main supporter for my modelling and in everyday life. She has always told me… ‘be you and be true to you’ and I have most certainly stuck by that… 

“Without her I wouldn’t be where I am today!”

Ashley, we come to notice Photography runs in your family as your father Mike Brooke from Mike Brooke Photography and yourself, are both amazing photographers… we would like to know Ashley where and when did the passion for photography grabbed you? 

Photography has been a part of my life since I was a baby! When I left high school at 15yrs old I knew I wanted to follow a career in art. So, I got my diploma in makeup and dad and I became a father daughter duo. 

After 7yrs working together, I started to get the itch to get that camera in my hands!! So that’s exactly what I did, I gave up makeup and picked up that camera and it was the best decision!!  

“Photography truly runs in The Brooke Family veins. And I am very lucky to have such an amazing father to support and guide me through my career as a photographer.”

Ashley in the world of Female Photographer’s like yourself which well-known female photographer icon inspires you the most and why would you say so? 

Annie Leibovitz, would have to be my favorite female photographer there is! She is always pushing the boundaries for art and her creative eye is just impeccable! 

Misha back to you… What would you say was your favorite … eyebrow raising moment when you did this specific swimwear shoot along with Ashley Brooke? 

Ash and I have been working together since I have been 15 years old, so it is never short of a surprise when she asks me to do a crazy pose in the middle of the beach/street.  

“When taking the photos on the beach, there is always certain people watching or even taking photos of Ash and I!”

Ashley which photography project you did so far for your photography portfolio would you say is that stand out moment for you as a photographer, please share? 

That is a hard one to pick as all my projects this year have been incredible and very memorable. But I would definitely have to say out of all my projects this year the ones that stand out the most are my photo shoots with Misha!  

“When I work with Misha it never feels like work and we always create amazing content together.”

In your own words, how did swimwear fashion evolved from THEN TO NOW… PAST TO PRESENT? 

Misha as a model – It has most defiantly changed, with social media now the modeling industry is so competitive. When I first started you had to be signed with an agency to get any sort of work. Now there are people getting amazing jobs just from the power of Instagram….

It is great, that now you are able to receive more exposure as a model and as a photographer. 

Ashley Brooke as a Photographer – Swimwear has evolved in such an immense way over the years. With the growing market of this industry we have so many different amazing companies, delivering such a diverse range of styles and designs… 

It has allowed women to feel more empowered with their bodies.  

The Women’s T20 CRICKET WC 2020 tournament was recently on the go in AUSTRALIA, tell us in your opinion what is team Australia’s chances to win the tournament for the 5th time… and who is your favorite Women’s Cricket player at the tournament? 

Misha – I don’t watch cricket the closest thing to sport I watch is my boyfriend as he is a professional skateboarder… But in all fairness “LETS DO THIS TEAM AUSTRALIA make us PROUD” 

Ashley Brooke Photography – To be honest I would not have a clue about cricket, haha. But I think it’s amazing that AUSTRALIA and the WORLD is recognizing women’s sports more and showing the appreciation these women truly deserve. 


Describe yourself in 3 words? – Passionate, honest and bubbly 

Favorite Swimwear Brand? – Tj Swim or Alt Swim 

Let’s get Sporty… what type of sport did you play back in your younger years in school, college or uni? – I have always been super sporty growing up. My go to sports were dancing, netball and long-distance running. 

What would you say is the one thing your friends, family and the public will remember you by Misha? – I had to actually ask a few of my family members and friends for this, and the most common answers were, my smile, pure heart and my wisdom. I truly hope that I can bring that to the public eye as well. 

Pet Peeve? – Slow walkers 

Quote of the Day? – You can be the juiciest ripest peach in the world and someone will still hate peaches”