Today is the day when we find inspiration in a splash of colorful portraits featuring mollbabe model Angelica Guillen Jimenez and Keston Duke Photography for our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA April 2020 edition.


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Photography by Keston Duke on instagram at @kestonduke also on

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Attraction of the art of Colorful Portraits… It’s a creation of creative thinking and inspiration together with a splash of bright bold colors that you play around with to mix and match the perfect combination in the end…

,furthermore its not always easy to get that perfect colors and look you exactly want for the specific look you want… so sometimes you have to be creative on your feet thinking, thinking #OutsideTheBox at times , to get those creative juices flowing in the studio when it comes to COLOR PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY.

As our CEO Arne Schreuder together with Angelica and Keston brings you all a step into the world of Colorful Portrait Photography for our April Month feature today.

The creativity outside the box thinking and mix and matching color schemes is one of the many keys to success when it comes to colorful portraits, and make also sure the colors you use is not too busy on the eyes of the viewer / your audience in the end.

“Keep on reminding yourself keep it plain and simple don’t go overboard with the colors in background… then keep the photo shoot  stylish yet interesting and inviting to your audience.”

“Another BIG FACTOR is that lighting effects… Placement of the light is also another thing to keep in mind. Remember that all the lights have to be at an equal distance with an equal amount of power.”

Then… model placement, the closer your subject is to the background the tighter the shadows will be. Start off by positioning your model as close to the background as you can and then play around with distance to find a spread of shadows that you and model would like the most,

as it’s all about teamwork in the end.