We all want some of that Lingerie Talk Attraction, well today is that day as we introduce Courtneigh Sinead alongside Songi Langeni Photography in today’s Lingerie Editorial for MOLLMAGSA APRIL 2020 edition.


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Attraction and that sensual appeal “Lingerie” has on men and women a like… today is one of those days when we put that factor to the test #LingerieTalk and the appeal of sensual attraction, as we don’t need to look or search far to find it…

As the Saying goes Beauty is Homegrown aka and that is right here in SOUTH AFRICA as our CEO Arne Schreuder interviews the mesmerizing Courtneigh Sinead as she’s back for the 2nd time alongside Photographer Songi Langeni for our APRIL 2020 MOLLMAGSA Lingerie Editorial Feature…

Welcome Back Courtneigh for another sublime MOLLBABE feature once with us for MOLLMAGSA in such a short space of time, that’s part of our APRIL 2020 edition… how does it feel to be back and knowing your part of this month’s edition? 

“I think I’ll always find it exciting. It’s good to be back!”

What is the moment that stood out the most working alongside with the talented Songi Langeni on this photo shoot for you? 

It’s always a pleasure to work with @songilangeniphotography he’s just so down to earth and professional. We have so many good laughs together. 

As we all know by now the COVID – 19 pandemic has the whole world in a vise grip at the moment… how does it affect you personally share with us you’re views? 

It’s definitely affecting business, in terms of there are no castings/auditions. No filming no pay. My entire business is on hold right now. 

“What a drag but I’m taking this time to recoup and rest.”

Give us your message of hope to the world out there in difficult times like these? 

I think everyone is going through so many different emotions right now,

“but I want to remind everyone that this too shall pass. But while we wait just make the most of it.” 


In the national lockdown of SOUTH AFRICA to fight this virus pandemic, tell us how do you keep yourself occupied at home during the 21 days lockdown and social distancing Courtneigh…. give us 5 points? 

  • meditation 
  • studying 
  • trying new recipes in the kitchen. 
  • so many naps guys… OMG so many 
  • eating 


FAVORITE NETFLIX SERIES AT THE MOMENT? – I’m in between series at the moment but recently finished Queen of the South and I am obsessed!!! With that said I’ll confess to Lucifer being my all-time fav series thus far as well.

YOUR FITNESS… KEEPING FIT ROUTINE AT HOME WHAT DOES THAT INVOLVE? – Sexacising and squats all the way… wink wink best ever.

YOUR PET PEEVE? – bad manners.

WHAT MAKES YOU LAUGH OUT LOAD THE MOST THESE DAYS? – definitely chats with my sister.


  • My weed stash which is actually legal in our beautiful country of South Africa
  • a lighter
  • and my allergy meds

FAVORITE SOCIAL MEDIA APP YOU USE AT THE MOMENT TO INTERACT WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY?  – Right now, I’m on multiple platforms engaging with everyone…. truth is, I mean why limit yourself?