Today’s feature is all about Music and Beauty to match as we introduce South African Music sensation Artist and Model aka Caelee Vee together with Photographer Eduard Labuschagne from ModelConnectRSA in today’s lingerie editorial for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA April Month 2020 edition.


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Voice of an Angel when she strikes that perfect vocal cord notes on the music stage and then when she’s not on the entertainment music stage making our hearts flutter… shes struttin’ her looks in front of that camera lens.

Introducing South African Music Sensation Artist / Model aka Caelee Vee  alongside top notch Photographer from Pretoria aka ModelConnectRSA aka the talented Eduard Labuschagne, as our MOLLMAGSA CEO Arne Schreuder interview’s them both for this month’s April 2020 edition in a sublime lingerie editorial feature today.

Very warm welcome to you both Caelee V and Eduard photographer (ModelConnectRSA) congrats on this month’s feature for APRIL, how does it feel? 

CAELEE V – I am incredibly overjoyed and thankful for this wonderful opportunity, what an honor it is to be featured in MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA. 

EDUARD PHOTOGRAPHER MODELCONNECTRSA – Fantastic overwhelmed and honored all rolled in to 1… SUPER PROUD of Caelee she’s an amazing talent and a person with a heart of gold. 

“Always a blessing to work and Collab with MOLLMAGSA, Arne and the whole family, thank you so much everyone.”

Caelee please give us a small quick 3 to 4 sentence intro to whom you are where you reside from and what makes you being you? 

I am a Capetonian girl born and bred in Cape Town. About 7 years ago I took a leap of faith and moved to Johannesburg to pursue a career in music which I have been extremely passionate about for as long as I can remember.  

“When I am not on stage or in front of a camera lens, I enjoy spending time in the great outdoors with my four dogs appreciating all the beauty and splendor that Mother Nature has to offer.”

Eduard (ModelConnectRSA) what is so unique about Caelee V from a Photographer’s point of view for you… please share?  

WOW there is so so much about this woman and lady that makes her glow and be the phenomenal person she is inside and outside… Loved working with Caelee, so professional and also a lady that knows exactly what she wants in life and works damn hard to be the best she can be and more. 

“Plus, she also has that perfect look for the camera for sure as you all can see and everyone will agree with me on that statement for sure.”

Caelee, we also come to notice your also a very talented musician yourself, where and when did that journey also start for you? 

My musical journey began at a very young age, I was 10 years old when my parents first discovered that I could sing and started sending me for lessons. At the tender age of 13 I entered a music talent show and won, on local singer, music artist Patricia Lewis’s singing competition called” SUPERSTERRE” that was aired live on SABC 2 BACK IN  2005.  

The prize was a recording with SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT. In 2007 I recorded and released my first Debut Album called “SOMETHING MORE BEAUTIFUL” that was nominated for a SAMA Award for Best Pop Album in 2008.  

Upon finishing High School, I attended the Waterfront Theater School in Cape Town where I studied to become a well-rounded performer in singing, dancing and acting. And achieved my Advanced Performers Diploma in Musical Theater with distinctions from the Trinity Guildhall College of London.  

Upon finishing my studies at the Waterfront Theater School, I gained a wealth of experience in the performing arts by performing at various malls, festivals and corporate functions. And have been employed by the Barnyard Theater Company for the past 6 years.

In the music industry… as a female music artist what is the daily challenges you face and work hard to overcome and proof yourself please share with us? 

As a female in the music industry, I have found that the audience’s perception of me & other female artists is predominantly based on our looks and appearances rather than solely on our talent.  

To overcome this challenge, I always strive to perform to the best of my abilities in hope that the audience will recognize me for my passion, hard-work and dedication to the performing arts, 

rather than a modern-day social perception of what a woman should look, act and be.

Back to modeling what would you say is the 4 factors that grabs your attention the most in modeling today Caelee? 

  • I have a major passion for fashion! A self-confessed shopaholic! I have never needed a reason to buy and try new outfits but being a model gives me the perfect excuse to scratch that relentless itch. Lol 
  • Being a model isn’t about showing people how to look like you. Being a model is about using your freedom to show other people that it is safe to be themselves. And I want to encourage that type of self-love and appreciation. 
  • Having a job that you love is more fulfilling and productive, I believe that when you are passionate about what you do it can lead to a higher level of personal success and satisfaction rather than entering into an industry solely based on financial gains. 
  • Being in front of a camera gives you the freedom and ability to play and express yourself in ways that you couldn’t anywhere else. That is the factor that grabs my attention the most. I feel very comfortable playing, whether it be in front of a camera or on stage. I am the type of person that likes to live in the moment and all photographs testify to times inexorable melt. To exist in a single moment frozen in time is a concept that I find very intriguing. 

With the Corona Virus / COVID – 19 having its vise grip on the world and the professional industry of today what impact does it have on you personally, share with us your thoughts? 

 CAELEE V (As a model and musician) – In effort to stem the spread of Covid-19 as a direct result of Government prohibitions on group gatherings of over 100 people, 

many entertainment-based companies have been forced to suspend all productions and events with immediate effect and not proceeding until such ban is lifted, 

“I now find myself with no outlet. I can only hope that the drastic measures that have been implemented will aid in the fight against Covid-19 and have us all back on stage in no time at all.”

#StaySafe #StayAtHome … we will and can beat this together in unity.


“These difficult times we found ourselves in is a true test of character and strength of us all, Small businesses will crumble that’s a fact, economies will take a huge hit globally and the way of living and working will change forever.” 

We as people, human beings and citizens, should remember to be compassionate and be a helping hand for each other in these times, plus when things need to be done it should be done in a unified way to take us forward to overcome the challenges that will be faced for the present and future ahead by us all together as one 

And when there is a set of rules to be followed, we all should comply to it and follow it by the book otherwise we will face the consequences of losing lives in the end of the day… So, lets rather focus on believe in our faith, saving lives, be a guiding light… and in doing that the message is simple and clear for all. 

#StaySafe #StayAtHome #StayHealthy #21daysLockdownSA we can do this.


YOUR MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT OF THIS PHOTO SHOOT YOU DID?  – My favorite part of this photoshoot was filming the short behind the scenes video clip with Eduard, 

because prior to my shoot with Modelconnectrsa I had never done anything like that before, it was a completely new and different experience for me.  

Working with Modelconnectrsa was great fun! A very professional but down to earth photographer that makes the environment calm and easy to work in. Eduard’s skills and work ethic are clearly visible in every edit. 

FAVORITE HOLIDAY DESTINATION AND WHY YOU SAY SO?  – My dream holiday destination is Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in Finland.  

Kakslauttanen is one of the world’s best places to view the northern lights otherwise known as the “AURORA BOREALIS”. It has always been a dream of mine to stay in one of Kakslauttanen’s famous glass igloos, 

surrounded by the view of a boundless veil of white snow and above, the breathtaking color display from the northern lights. 

DESCRIBE YOURSELF IN 3 WORDS? – Kind, Goofy and Passionate  


WHATS YOUR GO TO THING TO DO TO RELAX AFTER A HARD-WORKING DAY? – Well I finish work quite late in the evening so when I get home the first thing that I do is wash off all of my show makeup and slip into something a little more comfortable,  

then I make a HUGE pot of popcorn to share with my #furbabies and binge watch my favorite Netflix series. 

SHARE WITH US YOUR QOUTE OF THE DAY / MANTRA?  – Life is like a camera. Just focus on what’s important and capture the good time.” Develop from the negatives and if things don’t turn out… Just take another shot. 

STAR SIGN?  – Scorpio 

CELEBRITY CRUSH? – Jason Momoa  

FAVORITE FOOD? – Spaghetti  

PET PEEVE? – Self-absorbed people that don’t take the time to listen. 

YOUR ULTIMATE GOAL IN LIFE WHAT WOULD THAT BE? – My ultimate goal in life is to be able to look back one day with a smile on my face and say that I have lived my life with no regrets. Only then will I be certain that I have done everything that I wanted to do.  

VIDEOGRAPHY done by ModelConnectRSA