Introducing our next beauty and inspiration for MOLLMAGSA April 2020 edition featuring MOLLBABE Model aka Corlett Du Preez


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Aspirations and Ambitions to be a MRS SOUTH AFRICA… that inspire a nation, a country and all its people, that’s what our feature with MOLLMAGSA MOLLBABE model Corlett Du Preez today is all about,

in the words of Corlett Du Preez… the MRS SOUTH AFRICA pageant means the following, “It’s not just a beauty pageant but a woman empowerment program, which is with many tasks and challenges ahead.” Corlett truly wants to be a voice for all women of SOUTH AFRICA that inspires in empowerment and equality…

So let’s find out more of Corlett and her aspirations, drive and ambitions in today’s MOLLMAGSA APRIL MONTH feature as our CEO Arne Schreuder interviews her. 

– “MRS SA Aspirations & Ambitions”

Welcome Back Corlett, congrats on today’s feature… let it be known once again a sublime one done for our April month feature; how does it feel to be back the second time? 

It’s a special feeling, thank you for having me back!

Describe your modeling style in 3 words to us, as we know it’s very unique, what makes your style so unique Corlett? 

“Fun, sexy, classy.”

You recently entered the “Tammy Taylor Mrs SA pageant” and you recently made the Semi Final stage, tell us a bit more about that journey and where could our fans vote for you on this prestige contest? 

It started back in February month the competition, everyone who entered had to attend a live casting for the Semi-finalists selection. I didn’t expect it all, live in front of the public in Menlyn Mall, believe it or not but I am incredibly shy – so this already challenged me in a big sense. 

I didn’t expect to be chosen so it was overwhelming hearing my name called out. The very next day we had to attend a workshop for the coming 3 days at Emperor’s Palace, it was incredible. I made friends/sisters for life, we got so spoiled by our official sponsors. This was the beginning of a life changing journey. 

“It’s not just a beauty pageant but a woman empowerment program, which is with many tasks and challenges ahead.”  

“Please vote for me on the texting number via phone at 35959 Corlett du Preez sent as a SMS from your mobile phone, or go to the MRS SOUTH AFRICA FB page and go like my picture, I appreciate everyone’s likes and sms texts for me. Thank you so much for the support its truly appreciated.” 


Posted by Mrs South Africa on Wednesday, March 4, 2020


Let’s fast forward a bit… what would be the first 3 things you would do if you win MRS SA 2020? 

  • I will most certainly reach out to the needy on some platform and try to help them with some relief.  
  • I’m also very passionate if it comes to any form of abuse, there are so many South Africans living in a nightmare daily and the neighbors not knowing about it, it would be amazing to create a space where victims can feel safe and speak without a fear of being abused again after they reached out or even being alone, being a voice for those who doesn’t have one.  
  • Something that’s also alarming is the number of teenage pregnancies, I feel that this matter needs to be addressed more, reminding young girls that they are worth more and how important their futures are, especially in the times we are living in. 

The Covid – 19 virus is spreading across the world with horrifying results and implications for all affected by it… give us your message of hope to the world out there in difficult times like these we all find ourselves in? 

My message would be to stay positive, its hard I know…. but what will be the point if you are negative, there is nothing we can do about it. Everyone is on the same boat, globally – so always choose to be kind, you don’t know the struggles of the person next to you. 

“Follow the safety regulations, stay healthy, mentally and physically. Appreciate the time you have with your loved ones, make the most of it….and take this time to appreciate the smaller things in life.”

As South Africa is going through a nationwide lockdown for 21days, share with us your top 5 moments how you keep yourself occupied at home?  

  • Exercise,  
  • Take a power nap  
  • Play some games with the kids.  
  • Read that book you got last year. 
  • Do some spring cleaning, re organize your closets, you will be surprised on what comes out of there, it feels brand new again. 


WHAT ARE YOU THE MOST LOOKING FORWARD TO FOR THIS YEAR IN 2020 AND THE MONTHS AHEAD? –  Surviving the lockdown and Covid-19. Hoping that our economy and educational system will survive this disaster and praying for everyone affected. After this pandemic has passed everything else will be a bonus. 

EVERYONE OF US ALL HAVE EXPERIENCED AN EMBARACING MOMENT SOMEWHERE / SOMEHOW, SHARE WITH US WHAT’S YOUR MOST EMBARACE MOMENT OF ALL SO FAR? – I was in Gr8, the first few days of high school. I had my provincial colors in drum majorettes (which came with a uniform, (pencil skirt, blazer and high heels).  

Tradition followed that you had to be introduced to the school on stage with your uniform, lol and then as I got on the stairs to make my way to center stage, I fell over the last step which led to my pencil skirt being torn at the back, all I remember is the entire hall of kids bursting out in laughter. Even until today some old friends refer to me as #footlose. 

YOUR LIFE MOTTO YOU LIVE BY? – When given the choice between being right or kind, choose kind.”  from Dr Wayne W Dyer. 

WHAT WOULD YOUR PERFECT ROMANTIC DATE NIGHT IMPLY? – Dom Perignon, candles, good music and rose petals under the stars with hubby.