Today we bring you Beauty and Music Beats combine on the dance floor and as our newest feature aka DJ STARLETT is all that in a nutshell and much more… for our MOLLMAGSA APRIL 2020 edition feature


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Photography by Fitzii Gerald at @dancefitzii on instagram

Hair Styling done by Onny Mata @onnyofficial on instagram

MUA done by Victoria Macias @vickyy562 on instagram


It’s time to Hit the Dancefloor get our Music vibes flowing and let our body language speak to the DJ rhythms of music artist and model from Los Angeles USA aka DJ Starlett.

This lady is all about entertaining the Dance club / night club crowd to the rhythm and sway of her music beats… also putting the crowd to the mercy of her physical beauty as well… DJ STARLETT has it all the whole package,

As our CEO Arne Schreuder finds out more today as he interviews DJ Starlett for our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA April 2020 month feature….

“Steppin’ Up to the that Perfect Music Beats and Beauty”

Congrats on being chosen as one of our MOLLBABE model features for the month of April 2020 DJ Starlett, how does it feel what’s the emotions right now? 

I feel honored and blessed as very few are chosen to get this amazing opportunity! 

Introduce yourself to us in a quick 3 sentences intro whom is DJ STARLETT and what makes her so unique and where do you reside from? 

I am a 2x International Playboy Playmate and a Female DJ from Los Angeles, California USA, who has been featured in Playboy South Africa and Playboy Denmark. Not only do I do topless DJ’ing but, 

I am also an international Certified Reiki Practitioner Healer and Tarot Card Reader with Psychic/Mediumship abilities. When I travel to DJ, I also get asked for healings and readings which is my soul purpose besides music. 

What is it about modeling that made you so interested in it so much please explain in your own words?  

“Well to be honest, I am more of a DJ than a model but I have to keep my photos enticing and alluring so the modeling just falls into place. But I always need help with posing in front of the camera, lol” 

Your biggest passion is music, what would be your ultimate message you want to give the fans and followers whom listens to your music and supports it, share with us that message? 

These days anyone can be a DJ with a laptop and the right music DJ software equipment or apps you find on mobile app stores to download, plus social media plays a big role in this as well, 

but it takes a real DJ like me who knows how to read their crowds at the right moments at the right time to then create an upbeat energetic experience that will always make my crowds want more from me in the end… 

“as that is one of the biggest fundamentals to interact with your crowd at the right time with the right kind of vibe/feel music for it.”

In the music industry today… being a DJ what’s the most common challenges to face and overcome being a female in the DJ industry compare to male… please share?  

Oh, I have had several male DJ’S that have tried to defame my reputation by messaging event coordinators who have hired me saying that they are better than me and that I suck lol.  

Male DJ’S always throw in that they are cheaper and better. “I just laugh, because I know I am not only good but fun and vibrant with a captivating stage presence and performance.”

Whom would you say is your inspiration in life in what you do and stand for and why do you say so please share? 

My inspiration in life is my mom who passed away when I was 6 but she showed me to enjoy life and live it to the fullest without any regrets no matter what age I am.  

“It’s never too late to start living your dream, don’t let age, family nor friends’ opinions stop you from what makes you happy.”She reminded me of a Marilyn Monroe who I see as my idol.



  • A night club in Indonesia, it was an interesting and fun experience at the same time! 
  • Then a BDSM/KINK event with flogging, hot wax being poured on slaves, someone getting roped/tied up live…. never in my life have I ever experienced any of these.

FAVORITE DREAM VACATION SPOT IN THE WHOLE WORLD? – as of now Jamaica but I would like to go to Mykonos Greece ONE DAY. 



  • be better with time management, 
  • better at budgeting/saving my money,
  • not be so intimidating so I would get approached more



WHATS ON YOUR BUCKET LIST FOR THE MONTH OF APRIL? – To travel & to DJ or host an event in South Africa once this Corona Virus is over! I have had 2 features in 2 magazines in South Africa and I have yet to visit the beautiful country! … so, let’s make it happen Arne… wink wink. 

SHARE WITH US YOUR QUOTE OF THE DAY / MANTRA?  – Live life to the fullest no matter what age you are! It’s never too late.”