Time to get our Swimwear on and take a dip poolside with today’s Swimwear Editorial featuring Kayla Marie & Photographer Jordan Johnson all the way from the USA for our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA April 2020 edition feature today…


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Photography by Jordan Johnson on instagram at @jdogg95 also on website

MUA by @kaykalonmua on instagram


Poolside Beauty as the sun shines and we all get our tan on next to that swimming pool to relax and rewind… Today we introduce to you all a lady of many talents she’s very goal driven in life, knows what she wants, kindness at heart that she wants to give to the world out there, a dreamer, go-getter in life, and love to uplift others…

and not only is she a beautiful face and body with the perfect model looks, but Kayla Marie is also a very talented Makeup artist herself as well aka “A Jill of all traits” , so lets find out more… as our CEO Arne Schreuder interviews Kayla Marie together with Photographer Jordan Johnson today,

for our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA Swimwear Editorial April 2020 month feature – “Beauty by the Pool… Poolside beauty”


Welcome Kayla congrats on today’s swimwear feature, how does it feel to be part of our APRIL edition… what’s the emotions you’re going through right now? 

 I am so excited to have my pictures featured in such an awesome magazine, thank you so much! 

 Introduce yourself to us in 4 sentences what makes aka Kayla Marie who she is today? 

Unfortunately, in my life I have been faced with a lot of adversity. It’s taught me the importance of perseverance and keeping a positive attitude. 

“I’ve always been a dreamer, and a go-getter and love to uplift others.”

What is it about modeling that made you so interested in it so much please explain in your own words?  

Modeling opened the door to traveling, and making amazing friendships that will last. It also allowed me to see myself in a new light, and I grew confidence in myself. I actually never intended to model, but had a photographer insist and give me a bathing suit to shoot in, and so the story goes. 

Where did this photo shoot take place and also what is the one moment of this shoot that stands out the most for you Kayla? 

This shoot was actually supposed to happen at the beach, but the wind was vicious that day and it was actually quite chilly outside. So, we had to shoot it at my pool in my neighborhood! 

“The moment that stands out was getting to meet Jordan, since this was our first time working together!”

You also have another hidden talent besides modeling, as we heard along the grapevine, you’re also a talented makeup artist yourself as well, please tell us a bit more about that journey? 

Wow, yes, I am actually! I started this whole journey as a makeup artist that’s where all my passion really stems from. I love helping other women feel beautiful and I still do makeup actively on other models, and brides as well. 

In your point of view Kayla, what will you change in the world today to make life we live on earth better, not just for ourselves but for all humanity now in the present and for the future ahead? 

“I want to only ever bring kindness and love to the table.”

I don’t have room for negative energy. I want to uplift the people around me and for them to know someone loves them, because I do. 

Whom would you say is your inspiration in life in what you do and stand for and why do you say so please share? 

My Mom… Without a doubt.  She’s encouraged me to follow my dreams and pushed me when I didn’t believe in myself. She’s a single mom, so I grew up surrounded by her hustle. It made me want a better life for not only myself, but my mom too. 


FAVORITE SWIMWEAR BRAND? – Shein!! I love them so much. They are so affordable and I’ve actually just worn their suits exclusively for a year and they just finally noticed my existence! 

 So, you should totally use code “PROMOTE” when you check out for 15% off. That would be awesome! 

FAVORITE DREAM VACATION SPOT IN THE WHOLE WORLD? – Ooh. Tough question. Hawaii, Tokyo or China 


  • An inflatable raft with rows to get off deserted island!  
  • A giant box of matches 
  • And a machete… I had to think pretty hard about this one. 


WHERE WOULD YOU SEE YOURSELF IN 5YEARS TIME FROM NOW? – I would love to be continuing with modeling, and makeup. But I’d also love to pursuing my photography career harder and more successfully.  

And hopefully by then I am a successful real estate agent as well. I’m currently in school for my license. 

YOUR ULTIMATE GOAL IN LIFE WHAT WOULD THAT BE? – to enjoy the ride while I’m on it.