It’s all about Beachwear and Beauty today as the sun shines and most of us crave that beach time and tanning, well Katelyn Reinchuck alongside Brian Wright Photography explores those views with us today in our MOLLMAGSA MAY 2020 Swimwear Editorial feature.


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All about that “Beachwear Bombshell Beauty” as we explore today that most of us craves these days … that summer feelin, with the perfect tan and beach body ready…

well today is that day as we bring you all that mentioned and more with MOLLMAGSA MOLLBABE model Katelyn Reinchuck and Photographer Brian Wright, all the way from the Gulf Coast Mississippi USA.

As our CEO Arne Schreuder sat down with the beautiful Katelyn and the phenomenal photography artist aka Brian Wright. “The Beachwear Bombshell Beauty” – Swimwear Editorial


Congrats on your 2nd feature for MOLLMAGSA May Month edition Katelyn & Brian… how lucky and surprised would you be feeling right now? 

Katelyn – I am shocked. To get not one, but two features with MOLLMAGSA is incredible to me. I am so grateful for this opportunity. 

Brian Wright Photography – I am beyond excited to have 2 features of Katelyn in one magazine! Thank you for this opportunity!! 

This second feature is entitled aka “BEACH WEAR BOMBSHELL BEAUTY” what is it about swimwear and the location of the photo shoot for this feature that intrigued you to do this specific shoot Katelyn and Brian? 

Katelyn as a MODEL – The fact that it was so in my element. I have always loved the beach. There is something so calming and serene about the sand, water, and sun.  

I am comfortable in my skin and beachwear suits me well. As far as the shoot goes a lot of our shoots are kind of impromptu.  

“We just decide a location and make it up as we go. Brian is an amazing artist and I am never disappointed in his direction as my photographer.”

Brian as a PHOTOGRAPHER – Well when Katelyn suggested doing a beach shoot, I was so excited! I love water shoots and since our first shoot together was at a swimming pool, it was the next step on our photo journey.  

I knew morning of the shoot that it would be incredible. See I am a landscape photo as well as a portrait photographer and that morning the sky was full of big billowy clouds and there was no rain in the forecast.  

Living on the Mississippi Gulf Coast we have miles and miles of beach locations. We started shooting at about noon that day and due to the cloud cover and the position of the sun in the sky, I used and circular polarizing filter on my lens which helped bring out the definition of the clouds.  

I had heard that one of the worst times to take photos is at noon. It adds an unflattering shadow on the human face.   

“It was the perfect opportunity prove it wrong. I was able to use a strobe on a light stand and get rid of the unflattering shadows.”

Brian focusing on Swimwear photography give us 4 vocal points you focused on doing this beach wear swimsuit shoot with Katelyn? 

  • First and foremost, Katelyn is the focal point. 
  • Second would be the light on Katelyn. 
  • Third would be the bokeh of the background 
  • Fourth would be the color and contrast of the entire photo 


YOUR FAVORITE SWIMWEAR BRAND AND OUTFIT? – Victoria Secret and my favorite swimsuit from there is my all black bombshell bikini.

BEACH SIDE VACATIONS WHERE WOULD YOUR FAVORITE BEACH VACATION BE KATELYN? – My absolute favorite beach side vacation would be Cozumel. Their beaches are absolutely beautiful. 

NEXT UP WHAT WILL WE FIND IN YOUR BEACH TRIP BACKPACK AT EVERY & ANY TIME? – In my backpack for the beach you will find

  • Prosper, my go to tanning lotion.
  • My face protectant, lots of lemons and water because dehydration is not good for your skin,
  • Hair ties galore, my favorite MK sunglasses, and one of my many beach towels.

WHATS YOUR FAVORITE THING ABOUT SUMMER TIME SEASON? – My favorite thing about summer is how long the days are. The sun rises early and sets late in the evening which gives plenty of time for outdoor activities. Whether it’s hiking, biking, kayaking, or tanning at the beach, I just love the outdoors.