“That Girl Next Door Factor” is the talking chatter and view point for today’s feature for our MOLLMAGSA MAY 2020 feature… featuring mollbabe model Katelyn Reinchuck and Brian Wright Photography.


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That “Girl Next Door Factor”… a true understated beauty with a down to earth simple lifestyle and outlook on life, hard working to get where she wants to be in life… that’s today’s MOLLBABE modeling beauty we showcase today.

as we introduce Katelyn Reinchuck our newest edition to the MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA family this month of May. Katelyn is your ” All-American” girl who wears her heart on her sleeve most of the time, and to her, family is everything, plus her hard working career as a Paralegal.

She’s also a talented dance instructor teaching cardio dance classes when she’s not in front of the camera modeling…

Let’s get to know Katelyn a bit better in today’s mollbabe feature she and Brian Wright Photography did for us for MAY 2020, as our CEO Arne Schreuder interview’s Katelyn and Brian.

– “That Girl Next Door Factor”


Welcome Katelyn and Photographer Brian congrats on your feature with us for the month of May 2020, how do you feel about it right know explain to us both your feelings and emotions? 

KATELYN – To say I’m pretty excited would be an understatement. This is my first feature and I couldn’t have done it without my wonderful friend Brian. 

BRIAN WRIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY – I am ecstatic to say the least! Katelyn and I have been friends for a few years now and I am so happy it is finally happening.

Today’s feature is all about that “GIRL NEXT DOOR FACTOR” explain in your own words what does that mean to you as model and photographer a like? 

KATELYN as a model – I’d say what gives a girl the “Girl Next Door Factor” is understated beauty. The Girl Next Door doesn’t need a load of make-up, a hair stylist or bright lights to be beautiful. There’s something innocent and pure about her. 

BRIAN WRIGHT PHOTOGRAPHER as a photographer – The Girl Next Door is a natural beauty. She is down to earth and life is simple. She has an innocence about her but can hold her own if trouble comes. 

Katelyn what is it of Photographer Brian Wright’s photography that intrigues you the most to do photo shoot projects with him what is it that stands out the most for you of his work and photography images he produces? 

“Is the fact that he can shoot anything and it will come out amazing every time. Whether he’s shooting wildlife, out on the water, or models, all of his artwork amazes me.” 

What stands out the most to me about his artwork is that it’s different. Before I ever see the watermark, I know it’s his because of the signature look his photos have. 

Brian what is it about Katelyn that stands out the most for you to work with her as a model for a photo shoot project? 

What can I say about Katelyn? She is an amazing woman. She is so nice and fun. AND her inner beauty shines! Since our first shoot we connected, no words needed to be spoken while we are shooting.  

It is like she knows what I’m thinking. We always have fun when we shoot and she has the ability to inspire me is off the charts!! 

“She was the first person to tell me that I will be her only photographer.THAT right there my friends, is the ultimate compliment!”

Katelyn please introduce yourself to our readers and fans in 3 sentences, what makes you whom you are today? 

I am an All-American girl who wears her heart on her sleeve. The most important thing to me is my family and I absolutely love my career as a Paralegal.  

What made me who I am today is the fact that I didn’t have an easy life. Nothing in life was handed to me. I had to work very hard to be where I am today. 

What would we find you be doing when you’re not in front of a camera lens posing as a model for magazine features, catalogs or modeling portfolios Katelyn please share with us? 

“When I’m not doing modeling shoots, I’m spending time with my family, working, or dancing.”

Katelyn… everyone one of us have some kind of fitness routine they follow to keep their physique they have in the shape they want, share with us your fitness secret to yours? 

My fitness routine involves dance. I’ve danced for most of my life beginning with dance classes when I was 10 to go-go dancing and teaching cardio dance classes now. 

When it comes to modeling Katelyn where do you see yourself Editorial or Runway modeling, and why do you say so? 

I’d say I could see myself as either/or Editorial and Runway. I can pose but as a dancer I feel I could walk a runway and move the way most runway models do.


STAR SIGN / BIRTH MONTH – I am a Libra/Born in October 

FAVORITE GO TO MODELING POSE FOR THE CAMERA – My favorite pose is usually sitting and not looking directly at the camera but more off into the distance.

FAVORITE NETFLIX SERIES / MOVIE AT THE MOMENT – The Netflix series, Love is Blind 

WHAT MAKES YOU BLUSH THE MOST – Definitely compliments. I’ve never handled those well.

FAVORITE ROMANTIC SCENE FROM A MOVIE – My favorite romantic scenes actually come from the TV series Grey’s Anatomy. The way Derek Shepherd loves Meredith Grey is beyond beautiful.



CELEB CRUSH – Patrick Dempsey. Always has been and always will be.

BUCKET LIST FOR THE MONTH OF MAY WHATS YOURS PLEASE SHARE – Is to spend more time outside. Instead of doing gym workouts,

I am going to find a way to do all of my workouts outdoors. I want to spend more time focused on me and determine what the next set of goals I want to achieve in life are.