Time to hit the streets of Cape Town South Africa in a Glammed Up Fashion way as we bring you Part 1 of our “Glamed Up Street Fashion” editorial featuring JP Photography and mollbabe model Courtney Charles for May 2020


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Photography By JP Photography on instagram at @glamour_lifestyle_photographer and on 


wardrobe sponsor / Dresses by Noleen Franken on instagram at @dressup.x


Guess who’s back by popular demand… aka mollbabe model Courtney Charles alongside Photographer JP Photography, as they bring us the GLAMMED UP STREET FASHION beauty and lifestyle.

As we all come to know Courtney loves modeling for the fact of getting dolled-up with doing her hair & makeup plus getting dressed up with amazing wardrobe dresses. So today is the day when Courtney switches the beach body look for that all glammed up dress up look

Let’s join our CEO Arne Schreuder as he interview’s Courtney in today’s – “Glammed Up Street Fashion Editorial” for our MOLLMAGSA May 2020 edition alongside JP Photography


Welcome Back for your 2nd feature with us Courtney Charles, how does it feel to be back again for the second time and also knowing your part of our May month edition for MOLLMAGSA? 

It’s absolutely amazing to be back! I’m always having a browse through the editorials featured in MOLLMAGSA and to now actually be featured for the second time this year is a huge privilege and blessing! 

Courtney Last time you did a swimwear feature for us back in January, this time we see you glammed up in some stylish dresses and street wear fashion… between the 2 genres and styles what do you find the most beautiful of both looks SWIMMWEAR AND STREET FASHION please share?

Swimwear – I absolutely love summertime, and there’s nothing better than incredibly beautiful swimwear pieces. The versatility of the styles in today’s time is definitely the most amazing thing –

“It allows for anyone to share in that feel-good summertime vibe!” 

Stylish Street Fashion Wear – I am a huge street wear fan. I’m always checking in on the latest trends and putting my own twist on it. The most beautiful thing about this is it allows each individual to express themselves.

“Your style becomes your brand, and that’s what I love to see. How individuals take trends and make it their own.”

Describe to us your routine you go through before photo shoot day Courtney; how do you prepare yourself to look your best and feel your best for the big day? 

  • Leading up to the shoot, I always drink lots of water and use a good eye serum. It definitely helps you look less tired on the day.  
  •  Closer to shooting, I’ll do a beauty routine that includes waxing, tweezing, face masks and pore cleansers. You need your skin to be a good canvas for your make-up. Hair styling usually happens the day before, because of the length.  
  • And on the day, I’ll wake up early, I’ll NEVER eat a huge meal before the shoot, just something to sustain me and then I’ll treat myself after.  
  • Make-up usually takes an hour and a half, and then I’ll always give myself time to be on location 15 mins before. A little hack for feeling your best is your favorite perfume – spritz a little and you’ll feel like an absolute princess while you shoot. 

Share with us 3 things you do / did in lockdown or quarantine period in South Africa due to the COVID-19 Virus outbreak worldwide? 

  • I have been practicing make-up application and different techniques. I love make-up and I’d like to expand my skill set professionally one day.  
  • I’ve also been cooking and baking quite often – from homemade cinnamon buns to a spicy Durban curry on a rainy day.  
  • I am still working throughout the lockdown, so when I have time, I catch up with friends via video call or sit back and enjoy some Netflix.


BIGGEST TURN ON’S AND BIGGEST TURN OFF’S? – Biggest turn on’s : Well-groomed individuals are a huge turn on – Beautiful hands, a good, clean, shower-fresh smell and someone who dresses well.

I also love a certain softness and affection; it absolutely melts me. I also love individuals who are classified as conversationalists – I love to chat about anything and everything. I also have a thing for teeth!

Turn off’s: Arrogance. Cocky people are just a NO NO.  I also do not like it when someone is sloppy and disorganized.

YOUR GO TO MOTTO OF LIFE? – “Whatever happens, happens.”

AS A SOUTH AFRICAN WE LOVE OUR SPORTS, FAVORITE SPORT TO PLAY OR WATCH? – I definitely am not a lover of sports but when I’m with family, the cricket or rugby and a few drinks definitely brings a good vibe.

EVERYONE OF US HAS A SECRET HIDDEN TALENT SHARE WITH US YOUR’S? – I started learning how to Poi Dance many years ago, my Dad taught me as a little kid. I’m definitely not as professional as he is but I can throw around some moves here and there.