Part 2 of some Street Fashion lifestyle featuring newest mollbabe model Jarisha Gounden alongside JP Photography from Cape Town South Africa for our May 2020 edition


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Getting all glammed up and stylish and fashionable for lifestyle on the go in the beautiful city of Cape Town South Africa, that’s our vocal point today as we introduce newest face and model to our MOLLMAGSA family today aka.

MOLLBABE model local beauty Jarisha Gounden alongside Photographer JP Photography as they strut their visions and style for us in today’s PART 2 of ” Glammed Up Street Fashion” as our CEO Arne Schreuder finds out more…

Jarisha is a lady that lives life, strong through her faith, staying grounded, resilient; strong minded and soft  at heart. Also she believes in the 5G’s in life which is the following,

– “God, Goals, Growing, Glowing & Going”… so lets give today’s showcase spot to the new found local beauty today Jarisha Gounden.


Welcome Jarisha and congrats on your mollbabe model feature with us at MOLLMAGSA for May 2020, what’s the feeling and emotion you’re going through right now? 

Let me start by extending warm South African infused Hello, “Molo, SanibonaniDumela.” 

I‘m honored to be a part of MOLLMAGSA for May 2020, and find myself at a loss for words. I’m so thrilled, and exhilaration surrounds me like a burst of confetti. Naturally, with all the excitement comes nervousness,  

but also, a sense of appreciation and accomplishment. This will definitely be a key moment for me and I’m excited to share this milestone with all of you! 

Introduce yourself to us in a quick 3 sentence recap in who Jarisha Gounden is? 

My name is Jarisha GoundenI am currently 23 years of age and a final year Dentistry student at the University of the Western Cape. I would describe myself in terms of the 5G’s; God, Goals, Growing, Glowing & Going. I have a strong foundation of faith that’s kept me grounded, resilient; strong minded and soft at heart.   

“I believe that growth isn’t a form of convenience but rather an opportunity to put action over feeling.”

I am very driven in many aspects, but academics have always been a strong point for me, which has allowed me to adopt the principle;

Keep going, and persevere.”

What was the moment of this photo shoot alongside JP Photography that stood out the most for you, please share? 

Self-awareness. I‘ll never forget the nervousness of getting out there and being confident, in front of the lens and the countless bystanders. Despite having done many shoots before, the atmosphere of a street styled shoot really challenged me and led me to perform under pressure.  

Working alongside JP was insightful as he is very enthusiastic and really makes modeling a platform to express yourself. This is some of the best work I’ve done, and it came by ignoring insecurities and accepting boldness through individuality.

Would you prefer the country or city lifestyle… please elaborate? 

Hmmm, tough one as both are beautiful scapes in their own way. Personally, I’m at a stage in my life where I enjoy the busyness of life and socializing. So definitely a city lifestyle; where I can constantly meet new people, network, enjoy all the exciting urban spots and bistros, and develop a modern culture.  

“Cities provide many opportunities for growth as well, and this would not only relate to personal growth but to occupational growth as well.”

Being a SOUTH AFRICAN woman what does that mean to you as a woman of society and life as we know it? 

It is definitely such a beautiful aspect of who I am as a person, growing up in a country that has such a rich, cultural background has definitely helped me develop a sense of appreciation for our nation. It’s been an amazing journey having grown up in our country and being mixed race is something that everyone accepted, owing to the diversity within our country.  

Society has its positives and negatives when it comes to women, gender-based violence has been a challenge for many years now and still seems to be prevalent. It is an issue that the nation as a whole, needs to urgently address and resolve.  

That being said, being a woman helps me identify and empathize with those that have gone through these horrific, inhumane acts. It provides an opportunity for us to unite and support one another, whether by prayer, or physical capacities, and shows the world that we are resilient and stand firm regardless of the situations at hand.

Describe yourself in 3 words what would that be Jarisha? 

“Persevering. Loving. Artistic.”

Share with us 3 things you do / did in lockdown or quarantine period in South Africa due to the COVID-19 Virus outbreak worldwide? 

Well, if University work doesn’t keep me up till the early hours of the morning, then baking usually does.  

This time has allowed me to improve on some culinary skills as well as develop my creative side. I’ve also been drawing / painting a lot more than I’m usually able to. Furthermore; exercising, dancing and mandatory shenanigans fill my days. Oh, and let’s not forget the endless amount of hand washing and sanitizing.  


YOUR HOBBIES OTHER THAN MODELING? – I have many actually so here goes… hold on to ya hats… 

  • Anything creative; art / drawing/ painting/ DIY projects and stone art 
  • Community work and involvement 
  • Outdoor activities such as hiking, trail running, swimming – anything to keep active 
  • Cooking and baking anything new and delicious 
  • Socializing and networking  
  • Trying new restaurants and foods 
  • Exploration of our beautiful city and the amazing scenery that surrounds us, beach days and watching sunsets

HOW DO YOU RELAX AND CHILL SESSION AFTER A HARD LONG EXHAUSTING DAY? – Depending on the time I have available, I like to binge on some series or movies and indulge in an amazing creation we have today aka CHOCOLATE!

I end the day with some scented candles, a good bath bomb and music to clear my mind. Stretching before bed prevents muscle tension and a good face mask prevents Gucci bags forming under the eyes!

FAVORITE NETFLIX SERIES AT THE MOMENT? – Despite all the new buzz surrounding “The Bachelor” and “Love is blind,” …  Suits will forever be my favorite; hence I’ve started watching it again…  

Did anyone say HARVEY SPECTOR!? (heart eyes! Emoji for sure).

WHO’S YOUR STYLISH FASHION ICON? – Elegance is the name of the game and will forever be something I resonate with, so the (WONDER WOMAN) Gal Gadot and also Kim Kardashian are two of my stylish fashion icons… why do you ask?… well it’s simple,

“Their natural aesthetic makeup looks and everyday style is inspirational and something I tend towards. Let’s not mention red carpet events, that’s another level on its own!”

FAVORITE VACATION SPOT IN THE WHOLE WORLD WHERE WOULD THAT BE FOR YOU? – This is the toughest question yet! My bucket list is filled with beautiful destinations and places I would love to travel to! I think Puglia, in Italy would definitely be on top of my list and near to cloud 9! 

DREAMS / GOALS ASPIRATIONS SHARE WITH US TODAY? – I am at the final stages of achieving my first dream of being a Doctor. After completing Dentistry, I hope to specialize and be accepted to complete a postgraduate degree in Orthodontics.  

Other goals of mine include having my own little family one day (as is for most ladies), and making life as interesting and exciting as possible. I would also love to have my own foster home for all the beautiful children out there and start a children’s fund, later in life. 


WHATS ON YOUR BUCKET LIST FOR THE MONTH OF MAY PLEASE SHARE? – MAY 2020! Time passes by so quickly so I definitely want to make the most of this upcoming month! 

  • I recently started a new fitness program and I want to see results by the end of this month (this includes the 200-push-up challenge!).  
  • I have a younger brother that will be turning SIXTEEN (Yay!) so I would love to give Him the best birthday experience possible during lockdown.  
  • I am also currently working on an entrepreneurial project that I hope to implement and release by March next year. Let’s watch this space! 
  • Furthermore, I have a few art projects to attempt and many new recipes to try; one of which includes making my own fettuccine pasta from scratch. Until next time, Pasta La’Vista!