Today’s feature is all about Homegrown Beauty as we introduce a new face to the MOLLMAGSA FAMILY for May 2020 edition with Toni Lorraine and ModelConnectRSA


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Blond Beauty that oozes confidence, caring and loving… plus she knows how to have fun, as its known as she is ” The Life of a Party”… that is aka Toni Lorraine for you, aka very outgoing and confident in herself.

Homegrown from SOUTH AFRICA, Toni makes every opportunity in life that she gets count every time… and today is a testament to that as she’s our newest mollbabe model joining our family at MOLLMAGSA today, and thanks to the photography master aka Eduard Labuschagne and our CEO Arne Schreuder…

its time for Toni Lorraine to shine this month in our MOLLMAGSA MAY MONTH feature, so let’s enjoy the editorial pictures and interview they Toni , Eduard and Arne produced together… as the saying goes “Team Work that makes a Dream work!!”


Welcome Model Toni, congrats on your MOLLMAGSA MAY 2020 feature with us, how does it feel your finally also a mollbabe model and featured model for today, give us your emotions you’re going through right now? 

Thanks for making me part of MOLLMAGSA I feel proud to now be a “mollbabe” model feature.

“I’m overwhelmed with excitement to be part of the family.” 

Where and how did you get the exciting news on your upcoming feature with us in MOLLMAGSA for 2020? 

I got the exciting news from photographer Eduard Labuschagne and MOLLMAGSA CEO Arne Schreuder via a WhatsApp group chat, as Arne then introduced himself and gave the exciting news which I’m so grateful, blessed and overwhelmed with… truly a dream come true.

What is it about our online magazine, brand and style that intrigued you the most on being featured with us? 

What I love about MOLLMAGSA is you give models the time to express themselves behind their perfect picture. I love that they radiate confidence and keep things interesting. 

Please introduce yourself to us in 3 sentences what makes you whom you are back then to whom you are today? 

I am an extremely outgoing, confident and caring woman that loves to have fun. I would defiantly call myself the life of the party.  I studied digital marketing and now work for an amazing company known as Close2Me. my three hobbies would be Socializing, Tennis, and Traveling.

Share with us something we and fans would have never guessed about you what would that be? 

I look kinda intimidating/bitchy but honestly my biggest passion is to help women find self-love, I have a whole Instagram page helping women to feel comfortable in their skin because…

 “There’s nothing greater than loving yourself and feeling confident in your skin.”

Give us 3 things about modeling you like and also 3 things about modeling that you don’t like? 

3 things I like are the following: 

  • It makes me feel extremely confident,  
  • getting my makeup done,  
  • getting exposure. 

3 things I don’t like about modeling are: 

  • Inevitably people sometimes  
  • Stereotype models, 
  • And photographers that are pervert’s, which is very unprofessional in my opinion.

What keeps you fit and healthy these days share with us your secret model Toni? 

Currently keeping fit in lockdown is a challenge, I try to do my home workouts once a day every day using no equipment just body weight, 90% of the time I cook delicious healthy meals. 

“The hardest thing for me is avoiding MacDonald’s and Rocco Mamas lol.”


FAVORITE NETFLIX SERIES AT THE MOMENT? – It’s Too Hot to Handle and of course Love Island.

WHATS YOUR MOST FAVORITE WAY TO RELAX AND JUST BE YOURSELF? – Is to have a nice warm bubble bath grab the popcorn, chocolate, and wine then watch Netflix.

“I also love to chill in my bed with my PJ’s while drinking tea and listening to my R&B playlist. I love to sit outside early in the mornings while doing some yoga.”

IF YOUR LIFE WAS BASED ON A WRITTEN STORY BOOK / NOVEL OR MOVIE WHAT WOULD BE YOUR CHOSEN TITLE OF IT? – The title would be… “She found self-love and the game started to change.”

GUILTY PLEASURE YOU ENJOY THE MOST PLEASE SHARE? – I have 4 guilty pleasures, they are:

  • Ordering enough takeaways to feed a small family.
  • Having a Hot Chocolate with all the extras – whipped cream and Marshmallows.
  • Curling up with a cup of tea and phone when I should be doing the chores.
  • During the weekends I could stay in my PJ’s nearly the whole day.

YOUR FAVORITE SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM APP YOU USE ON A DAILY BASIS? – My favorite social media platform is Instagram @toni_g.o.a.t and I’m currently addicted to TikTok as well, now after facing boredom during the quarantine and lockdown phases South Africa is going through. 

LIFE MOTTO WHATS YOURS? – Love yourself. Enough to take the actions required for your happiness. Enough to cut yourself loose from the drama-filled past. Enough to set a high standard for relationships. Enough to feed your mind and body healthily. Enough to forgive yourself.

VIDEOGRAPHY done by ModelConnectRSA