Its time for some Homegrown Beauty from South Africa as we introduce newest South African model joining our MOLLMAGSA mollbabe family for the month of JUNE 2020 aka Esti van Eeden alongside Photographers Jaco Herbst and Tersius van Niekerk


mollbabe model Esti van Eeden on instagram at @estivaneeden as well as on facebook

Photography by Jaco Herbst on instagram at @photoshootssa

and Tersius van Niekerk on instagram at @plznpix


Ecstacy of Homegrown Beauty all the way from South Africa newest MOLLMAGSA mollbabe model Esti van Eeden is truly one of a kind… A lady that stands very strong on her beliefs and makes her mark in her own unique way everywhere she goes,

She’s also very versatile when it comes to modeling genres, always up to trying something different and unique, but also in the same breathe staying true to her unique look and style doing so.

So lets find out more from Esti as she’s interviewed today by our CEO Arne Schreuder, for today’s mollbabe model feature for JUNE 2020.


Welcome Esti how do you feel knowing that you are one of our MOLLBABE model features for today and part of our MOLLMAGSA family as well as part of our JUNE 2020 edition? 

What a beautiful opportunity. I can’t be more thankful. Thank you for helping my dream come true.

It’s known that you are a Homegrown beauty from South Africa Esti please introduce yourself to us and our fans and readers out there in a small 3 sentence bio in what makes you being you? 

“Well, where do I start, I’m myself, you either like me or you don’t but I always try and see the best in everyone and hopefully brighten up someone’s day.” 

We come to notice you’re a model that’s very strong in her believes as well as very hard working plus very versatile in the looks and modeling genre departments, as well as a go getter in knowing what you want and going for it in modeling…  

we would like to know what is it about modeling that’s so attention grabbing to you and also describe your genre / modeling style that makes you so unique in modeling today? 

Growing up on a farm was the best time ever. What was difficult is being different and a rebel, because I never went the way everyone wanted me to. I love the person I am, tattoos and all. Everyone, doesn’t matter what age you are should live your dream…

” You only have one life and if I can do it at my age then anyone can!! ”

Today’s topic is all about a woman’s true beauty and the empowerment of being a woman in today’s lifestyle and world … what does those mean to you, personally as a model and a woman… please explain? the floor / stage is yours…

Oh yes! Being a woman is so special. I believe that if you believe it, you can do it all. True beauty comes from the inside and that’s what I try to show with my modeling. Doesn’t matter what you look like outside, 

“We are all beautiful if your heart is pretty and peaceful.”

How do you make ends meet at the end of the day being a part time model and mother Esti… describe your typical day in the life of Esti van Eeden? 

WOW, what can I say, normally I get up at 4:15, get myself ready, get the kids and everyone ready for the day… O yes and a cup of coffee to start the hectic day, then off to school… My Hair / Beauty salon opens at 8:00 and sometimes closes only at 21:00, 

but I love my work. In between I quickly make dinner and do homework then gym at 21:00. Weekends are made for my modeling career; I plan around to do most of my photo shoots in the weekends. I just love every minute of it.  

“And that is my crazy life in a nutshell, as I love every minute of it so much.”


WHATS YOUR FAVORITE FASHION TREND AT THE MOMENT? – I’m a big fan of leggings and a nice loose top and a VANS SNEAKERS brand woman, because it’s so comfy and stylish. I can’t walk in heels. 

HOW DO YOU RELAX AND UNWIND AFTER A BUSY DAY? – I gym, that really works for me. When I put my phone music volume on high, earphones in and get that workout going, I am in the zone, and I’m in my own world. 

FAVORITE NETFLIX SERIES / MOVIE AT THE MOMENT? – Unfortunately, I don’t really watch TV at all. I can’t sit still that long… lmao. 

WHAT OR WHERE WILL WE FIND YOU DOING WHEN YOU’RE NOT MODELING? – Probably doing shopping or at home keeping myself busy with the kids. No time to play for a mom like me #SUPERMOM. 



LET’S GIVE SOME ANIMAL LOVE… ANY PETS PLEASE INTRODUCE THEM? – I have a Basset hound dog, called Ben. He’s a naughty little man yes, he is. Eats and chews everything he sees. 

YOUR ULTIMATE DREAM YOU WANT TO MAKE COME TRUE ONE DAY WHAT WOULD THAT BE? – I always try and achieve my dreams but I’m also realistic. Modeling was my one big dream and I’m doing it right now, 

so… next up, I would love to travel to any exotic island one day, just to escape a bit from the hectic lifestyle… for some #MeTime, so fingers crossed.