Its time to showcase some true beauty aka reflecting some true beauty when it comes to lingerie editorials this JUNE 2020 month featuring mollbabe model Rachel Ashley Johnson for MOLLMAGSA


follow Rachel on instagram at @racheldoll23 

Photography By Daniel Canela

Lingerie Sponsored by AGENT PROVOCATEUR on instagram and website


Lingerie is today’s attire of choice as we have the perfect true beauty in the house today to reflect that lingerie true beauty with MOLLMAGSA MOLLBABE model Rachel Ashley Johnson… 

This Blond Bombshell Beauty from Los Angeles California USA, truly packs a beauty cocktail punch when it comes to modeling especially those ravish lingerie editorials… yes ladies and gents nicknamed “Rachel Doll” on her social media platforms Rachel Ashley Johnson lives up to that hype in true glamours fashion, alluring look & styles,

As shes made for it and in this ultimate Lingerie Editorial for our MOLLMAGSA JUNE 2020 edition the lingerie Rachel showcases fits her like a beauty glove.

As our CEO Arne Schreuder alongside Photographer Daniel Canela shows us, so sit back and enjoy the – “Reflecting True Beauty” views today featuring Rachel Ashley Johnson.

“Rachel is a lady that truly sets out to follow and pursue her dreams”

as she always strives for creating the best opportunity to make her dreams a reality in the end with that never give up spirit she portrays.

When it comes to whom this amazing lady aka “Rachel Doll” … Rachel Ashley Johnson is in today’s lifestyle she describes herself as,

“Down to earth, easy going and genuine”

My favorite Lingerie brand is AGENT PROVOCATEUR it makes me feel truly beautiful in every meaning of the word,

“It’s alluring, comfy and sensual style makes it stand out from the rest for me”

I really love coffee or cappuccinos in the mornings to start my day…

“3 to 4 cups will hit the spot perfectly” 

Reflecting on the views on being a professional model in today’s industry is sometimes real stressful… but when you keep to the real you and keep your feet well grounded and also keep faith in who you are and what your morals stand for in life… plus you love what you do with passion and determination,

“Then it all will be rewarding in the end all that hard work with a mix of never give up spirit”