Our MOLLMAGSA JUNE 2020 month cover girl is a true Farmer’s Beauty Paradise at heart introducing Bella Amor alongside cover photographer JC SMOOTH PHOTOGRAPHY


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Photography by Jonathan Castellanos / JC SMOOTH PHOTOGRAPHY on instagram | facebook | twitter | website

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Farmer’s Paradise Beauty at heart… bringing that ” Work Hard Play Hard” ethic to light today as our MOLLMAGSA June 2020 cover model Bella Amor is that and so much more…

Bella grew up in a small-town outside NAPLES, FLORIDA USA… she’s a girl / lady with huge dreams and ambitions, always dreamt of being a well known international model and actress someday, so she followed her dream and here she is… making it big in the world of modeling,

not just is she our newest MOLLMAGSA MOLLBABE model / JUNE 2020 cover model, but also she’s a previous featured Playboy Playmate of the Decade for Playboy Africa back in 2019,

and not only is she a pretty face fun loving free spirit kinda lady… this beauty also has a wild imagination and eccentric personality that landed her the nickname of aka “Bella Bunnie”

As our CEO Arne Schreuder interviews her today to find out more…


Very warm welcome to you both Bella Amor & JC Smooth Photography… congrats on your cover feature for our JUNE 2020 MOLLMAGSA edition, how do you feel right now? 

BELLA AMOR – I’m excited to be a part of the MOLLMAG USA & MOLLMAG SA brand. I feel honored to be featured on the cover and have a chance to promote myself as a model.

“I’m beyond happy I get to work with such an amazing photographer JC Smooth as well and be the showcase of his work.”

In today’s feature the focus is on outdoor living aka that “Farmer’s Beauty Paradise look” tell us what make this photo shoot so joyful and unique to you, what moments of this shoot stood out the most for you… explain in your own words? 

BELLA AMOR (as our cover model) – Well I’ve always loved dressing up but, this time it meant a little bit more to me. I grew up in the small town of Fort Myers, Florida where we had half, city half farm. My best friend lived on a farm so I was always at her house.

“I enjoyed the chance to channel that in this outfit and shoot. When someone thinks of country girl, they think of an outfit similar to this when in reality it’s t-shirts and muddy boots.”

Bella Amor please give us a quick bio background on yourself to our readers out there, tell us a bit more about yourself, who you are, what makes you being you and where you reside from? 

Well I was born in Forts Myers, Fl which is in between Tampa and Miami. I was the oldest of four female siblings and my family was anything but normal. We had quite a bit of stories to tell. I was the rebel of the bunch… kind of oblivious to the world. I had a bit of a rough childhood.  

When I was in my late teens, my younger sister committed suicide and that changes a person losing someone to depression. It taught me to cherish those around you, and that life is short so don’t waste it doing something that doesn’t make you happy.  

“Mental health starts with us doing what makes us smile.”

What is it about modeling you love so much Bella Amor and which modeling genres are your favorite and why? 

“I love modeling because it gives me a chance to express myself and really feel my body’s emotions. It makes you feel empowered as a woman, and confident.” 

When you get to see others reactions to your art that just makes it’s all the better. My favorite modeling genre is swimsuit & lingerie because you’re stepping out of your own element.

Other than today’s cover feature for MOLLMAGSA which other modeling feature publications and pictorial achievements are you most proud of Bella Amor? 

  • International Cover for Playboy Africa, as well as Decade Playmate. 
  • Featured in Playboy New Zealand 
  • Feature for Epitome Magazine 


What is it about our Style, Look and brand of MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA that intrigued you the most to be featured with us today? 

BELLA AMOR as a model – I love that the magazine is very cultural and political about what’s going on in the world around us. They take models from all aspects and showcase their beliefs while making us look sexy as well.


OTHER THAN MODELING WHAT’S YOUR HOBBIES WHAT DO YOU DO TO RELAX? – I love to meditate because I’m an over thinker and when I meditate, I’m redirecting my hectic thoughts. It helps me become more self-aware as well as balances my chakras. I would recommend it to anyone. My teacher Pam is amazing. 

FAVORITE NETFLIX MOVIE OR TV SERIES AT THE MOMENT? – I love “Money Heist,” because Tokyo is such a bad ass. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Every episode is so intense and every character has an interesting backstory.

ZODIAC STAR SIGN BIRTH MONTH? – I’m a Gemini! My birthday is actually this month on June 13th. So… this is my birthday issue. 

WHAT IS IT THAT MAKES YOU FEEL BEAUTIFUL AS A WOMAN OF TODAYS LIFESTYLE – I’m gonna have to say that today there’s a lot of insecurity because plastic surgery has become part of our culture. I work in a hard industry where It’s competitive to look perfect.  

Confidence and loving yourself is the key to survival. If you love yourself then you’re going to feel beautiful all around. No one can bring you down if you have self-love. 

TURN ONS AND TURN OFFS? – What turns me on are: Confidence, Goal oriented, and Intelligence, And what turns me off are the following: Conceited, Negativity, and Lying

FAVORITE MUSIC CHART TOPPER SONG AT THE MOMENT ON THE RADIO WAVES OR CLUBS YOU LIKE TO JAM OUT TO? – Currently I love the new song “Work” by PopEvil. We are all slaves to the industries we are in and it really hits home. I also love “Savage” by Meg the Stallion. 

ANY HIDDEN TALENTS YOUR GOOD AT WE THE READERS AND FANS ARE NOT AWARE OF PLEASE SHARE? – I’m a closet Aerialist. My teacher used to push me in class to do hard stunts and I would flip out, yet master it while freaking out. @inkdancer101 is her instagram name if you are interested in aerial classes. 

WHAT OR WHO INSPIRES YOU THE MOST TODAY? – I have many different people who inspire me. The person who inspires me the most though would have to be my dad because, He has been through so much, yet never gives up when life throws him curve balls. He always looks on the bright side of things, and I think that’s where I got my Strength from. 

WHAT IS THE ONE THING IN LIFE THAT’S THE MOST VALUABLE TO YOU? – Thing that’s valuable to me most in life is good people. Important have a good family and friends who support you. Good people are hard to come by these days unfortunately, so when you find them you cherish them.  

“My son of course will always be the most valuable cause he is always gonna love me no matter what.”