Today we got our own updated version of “Fifty shades of Grey” in 2020 as we feature MOLLMAGSA mollbabe Sheree Atalanta in this month’s JUNE 2020 issue alongside Silkshots Photography


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Photography by Silkshots Photography on instagram at @silkshots_photography


All the way from Melbourne Australia, the beauty of MOLLBABE model Sheree Atalanta is gracing our pages again as shes back once again with a phenomenal look… as we take ” Fifty Shades of Grey” to the next level today.

For our JUNE 2020 issue we take a closer look on what makes that factor of LOVE, SENSUALITY and DATE NIGHTS shine with our own version of ” Fifty Shades of Grey” in 2020 … as we call it ” SHADES OF BEDROOM BEAUTY” alongside mollbabe model Sheree Atalanta , Silkshots Photography and our MOLLMAGSA CEO Arne Schreuder.

She’s back ladies and gents aka Sheree Atalanta, her very first debut feature was back in 2017 when we did a lingerie editorial with coat as she explored the nightlife of Sydney Australia showcasing her beauty exploring the sights and sounds by the Sydney Harbor Bridge at night… in a mind blowing lingerie & coat outfit, back in SEPTEMBER 2017

” Daring, sassy but totally beautiful in every sense of the word”


Then in 2018 DECEMBER she decided to turn the clock of fashion back… to the days of… Timeless Pinup Fashions with that Hair curlers , Polka dot skirts, that pointy High Heals, and Huge Hair wave perms look… Fast forward  to today JUNE 2020 she’s back rocking that…

“Shades of Bedroom Beauty style”

Sheree told us in the years of modeling that she’s done and still do , that she is… ” never afraid to show off her bold UNIQUENESS / BEAUTY, and just to be herself.”

Did you Know, Sheree is a real fabtastic blend of culture and heritage right around the world as she’s… Australian born, but from one side of the family she’s also…African and French and from the other side of her family she’s British, Greek and Israeli.

Describing Sheree Atalanta in 3 words shes…

“Love, Appreciation and Happiness” 

Sheree also recently wrote an article for the Ball’in on a Budget website for how to take your dating experience to the most enjoyable in Melbourne Australia on a Budget of just 50 Australian Dollars … nothing more nothing less,

Where she talks about and outlines the WOW FACTOR for a DATE NIGHT with your partner which will not even break your wallet or bank account when it comes to staying under budget for that awesome date night…

In the article Sheree also mentions and we quote…

“Romantic vibes to end that night or even a tour of the city brightened in night lights. This wow factor is going to make your date feel so happy that even you will be surprised.”

Yes that’s correct Sheree gives the readers a sense of getting that budget glowing for the Best Date Night experience together with your partner enjoying a romantic dinner for 2 and enjoying the romantic vibes in the night life around Melbourne’s hot spots. And all this for under your budget.

Sheree give us your Turn on’s and Turn off’s for that perfect partner in your life?

TURN ON’S are : A pretty awesome massage, laughter and a amazing cuddle. TURN OFF’S are:  A man not having good humor, Not being understanding in certain situations and most of all having my booty slapped by a random guy.