Another Swimwear Editorial today to keep our fans heart’s toasty and warm… featuring newest international MOLLBABE feature for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA June 2020 aka Taneesha Saward alongside Ashley Brooke Photography all the way from AUSTRALIA


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A Kiss from the Summer Sun is what we all crave at the moment to keep us all toasty and warm, so for today’s SWIMWEAR EDITORIAL we decided to bring you all just that.

This Half Australian, Half Balinese FIRE CRACKER beauty aka Taneesha Saward has all the bells and whistles when it comes to hidden talents , as shes fluent in speaking Bahasa Indonesian language as well as she loves playing the piano, She’s been modelling for just over 3 years now and she absolutely loves every aspect of it!

Let’s take a few minutes to indulge in this Swimwear Editorial feature for our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA JUNE 2020 feature, as our CEO Arne Schreuder interviews mollbabe model Taneesha and Photographer Ashley Brooke today…

Welcome and congrats on this month’s June Swimwear Editorial feature for MOLLMAGSA, tell us what’s the feelings and emotion you’re going through right now Taneesha and Ashley? 

 MODEL TANEESHA – I’m so excited and happy to be featured in MOLLMAGSA 

ASHLEY BROOKE PHOTOGRAPHY – Once again it is an absolute honor to be a part of MOLLMAGSA! I cannot express how ecstatic I am!! 

Taneesha please introduce yourself to us in 3 sentences who and what makes you whom you are and where do you reside from? 

Here we go, my name is Taneesha Saward. I am originally from a small town on the south coast AUSTRALIA of   New South Wales aka NSW  but moved to the Gold Coast  AUSTRALIA at the beginning of last year for work.  

“I have been modelling for just over 3 years now and I absolutely love it!”

Taneesha what is it about Photographer Ashley Brooke’s work / photography that’s the most fascinating to you as a model please share with us? 

Ash is just so easy to work with, when we shoot together it barely feels like work. I love that she always has a vision and knows exactly what she wants to achieve in every shoot and she’s not afraid to tell you that.  

“She doesn’t just take photos, she really does create a work of art.”

Ashley what is so unique about Taneesha’s modeling look that stands out for you the most when you work with her on set or location? 

Mostly it’s Taneesha’s personality, she has such an easygoing nature and is extremely humble that every image she takes is just perfection as you see such true beauty showing through! 

Taneesha what is one thing our readers and fans may be most surprised to find out about you TODAY please share? 

“I don’t know if they’d be surprised but I’m half Balinese and can speak fluent Bahasa Indonesia”

When it comes to modeling Taneesha, what would you say is your favorite things about modeling list 3 of them please? 

My 3 favorite things about modelling would be:  

  • the confidence I’ve built within myself,  
  • the amazing people I’ve met,  
  • and the places I’ve had the opportunity of shooting at 


FAVORITE SAY THING CATCH PHRASE YOU USE ON A DAILY BASIS? – I don’t have a particular saying or catch phrase that I use on a daily basis, I think I just talk a lot haha 

FAVORITE NETFLIX SERIES TO BINGE ON? – Suits or Orange Is the New Black are the two that will never get old for me 

GOING TO THE BEACH WHERE WOULD YOUR FAVORITE SPOT TO BE SUN BATHING? – Somewhere secluded and away from the crowds 


HIDDEN TALENTS? – I play the Piano

TURN ONS AND TURN OFFS? – Turn ons are: I love honesty and a good sense of humor. And then Turn offs would be: Two things that don’t sit well with me would have to be lies and ignorance 

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE OR BEST BODY FEATURE IN YOUR OPINION YOU LOVE THE MOST ABOUT YOU? – I love all of me. I think that it’s so important for everyone to understand that we are all unique and blessed with our own individual features. That’s what creates us. 

WHO INSPIRES YOU THE MOST IN LIFE AS WE KNOW IT TODAY? – My mum will always be my biggest inspiration. I could sit here and talk about how great she is all day,  

but overall, she’s strong, beautiful and always has so much love to give. She supports me in everything I do, even if sometimes she doesn’t agree with me. She’s my Number One.