A true Charisma Aura when it comes to Lingerie Editorials, as we introduce newest international Lingerie modeling beauty … Cara Mia for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA JUNE 2020 issue


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Bringing that Sensual Charisma Aura to focus today in this Lingerie Editorial with international model from Bridgewater New Jersey, USA… aka Cara Mia, she’s all about that intoxicating charm manifest when it comes to creating those mind blowing modeling images.

Cara truly understands the mood of a photo shoot and the importance of expression furthermore, she loves to be in front of the camera to make every second and snapshot count when its time to make your mark in the modeling industry.

Lets find out more about Cara as our CEO Arne Schreuder sat down with her for today’s interview and feature


Welcome Cara Mia and congrats on being our featured mollbabe model for today for our MOLLMAGSA June 2020 Lingerie editorial feature how do you feel right now? 

“I feel incredibly grateful! “

What is it about our Style, look and Brand of MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA that intrigued you the most as a model and woman to be featured with us today please explain? 

The Cara Mia Model brand stands for manifesting intoxicating images. MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA has the same feel. So, I had to be featured. 

Please introduce yourself to us and our fans and readers in a short 3 sentence bio Cara, who you are and where you reside from? 

I am Cara Mia. I manifest intoxicating images. I reside in central New Jersey, USA.


Give us the 3 Golden guideline rules in modeling today that you follow and that you would say brings you success in the modeling world Cara? 

  • Only do what you are comfortable doing.  
  • Always be professional and reliable.  
  • Understand the importance of expression and mood of the shoot.

Describe yourself in 3 words what would that be Cara? 

“Deep, empathy, and spiritual.”

How did you get interested in modeling where did it all began for you share with us your story and journey as a model? 

My journey started a few years ago when I had a fashion blog. My favorite part of my blog was modeling my outfits of the day. I discovered that I loved modeling and being in front of the camera so I looked into starting a portfolio.  

I will never forget my first boudoir shoot. My photographer was amazing and the energy was just flowing. The photos came out better than I could’ve imagined! I started the Cara Mia brand and haven’t looked back since. 


WHAT IS THE STRANGEST CONVORSATION YOU HAD ON SOCIAL MEDIA WITH A FRIEND OR FAN AND WHAT WAS THE TOPIC ALL ABOUT PLEASE SHARE? – Oh gosh. There was this one time I broke down into tears while livestreaming on TikTok. I was feeling heartbroken having newly entering the dating world after my divorce.  

I will never forget how supportive my fans were that day. I don’t regret that happening though. I think it’s important to be genuine and raw throughout my journey. – “If you can’t handle me at my worst, you sure don’t deserve me at my best.” 

WHICH VACATION DESTINATION WOULD BE YOUR DREAM VACATION OR HOLIDAY? – I’m going to say either Florida, because that’s where my dad lives, or Arizona, which is where my sister lives. I don’t get to see them often so given the opportunity my family would take priority. 

WHICH OUTFIT LINGERIE OR DRESS IN YOUR CLOSET IS THE ONE THAT MAKES YOU FEEL THE MOST BEAUTIFUL OR SEXY FOR THAT MOOD SETTING MOMENT? – You know, oddly enough, I think most people assume that a woman (or a model) just feel their sexiest while in lingerie, but I have an outfit that I love wearing out. It’s simple…black pants with red stripes up the sides of the legs and a black top with a wallet chain….  – “I feel like such a badass when I’m wearing that outfit!” 

THE DATING GAME… WHAT DO YOU LOOK FOR IN HAVING THAT PERFECT DATE NIGHT WITH THAT PERFECT SOMEONE IN YOUR OPINION? – You know, I’ve been actually sort of trying to figure that out as I go. I do feel that because I enjoy a deeper connection than most, that a date allowing us to talk and get to know each other is the best way to go. A quiet dinner with a nice romantic walk afterwards. 

WHAT MAKES YOU BLUSH THE MOST AT TIMES? – When people tell me I’m beautiful. I know it might sound weird because I’m a model, but I still get a little shy when I’m complimented. 

SHARE WITH US A FAMOUS QOUTE YOU CAN SAY YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE BY STEP BY STEP? – “You belong somewhere you feel free.” by –Tom Petty.  

My goals in life are to be spiritually, emotionally, and financially free in order to be the highest version of myself that I can be. 

ZODIAC STAR SIGN BIRTH MONTH? – I’m a Capricorn. My birth month is January.