Its that Winter cold feelin this season as we bring you all our next MOLLMAGSA international beauty for JUNE 2020 introducing MOLLBABE model Jenny Marie our Snow Bunny Beauty alongside Photographer Alex Sears as our CEO Arne Schreuder interviews these to talents to find out more…


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Winter season is here and its time to melt that cold snap away as we introduce today’s newest MOLLMAGSA MOLLBABE feature aka international model all natural 100% beauty the snow bunny playin’ in the snow aka Jenny Marie,

She’s a true to the word American Beauty all the way from SUNNY Southern California USA, very professional when it comes to her modeling career as she’s a well known Playboy Playmate Model…

Modeling has been a pretty big part of her life in being whom she is today, and truly express herself in the most creative vision she can be and more, Jenny loves to spend time with her pets, traveling the world and also being outdoors exploring the wonders of nature…

Today she’s creating some magical snow bunny moments as she plays around in the snow for us with this creative editorial feature alongside Alex and Alicia for our MOLLMAGSA JUNE 2020 feature, as our CEO Arne Schreuder finds out more

– “Winter Snow Bunny Beauty”

Welcome Photographer Alex Sears and model Jenny Marie… congrats on today’s feature with us at MOLLMAGSA for the month of June 2020, how do you feel? 

Photographer Alex – Well, for starters, Thanks Arne. Being published is the only “work related” thing I’ve been a part of this year since February 1st and it means a lot.  This is my second set with MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA and I appreciate it,  

“I love how the shots turned out.  Jenny’s choice of outfit, the lighting, the back ground and obviously, Jenny’s amazing talent as a model.  ” … and furthermore,  

I love being part of a brand like MOLLMAGSA to showcase my talents as a creative artistic photographer, so blessed. 

Jenny Marie – I’m excited to be in another publication and I think these shots that Alex and I took together in the Rockies came out great! … thank you for making me part of this month’s JUNE 2020 MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA issue, really grateful. 

Alex tell us how did you and Jenny meet, plus how did this photo shoot and event come to light, give us the low down on it all? 

I met Jenny at a GlambyAliciaXO shootcation event referred to me by another model, aka Kayla. Kayla told me that Alicia’s events were great.  I’ve done two with Glam Jam Mexico’s team and wanted to do another like it.  

 I contacted Alicia whom is the owner of GlambyAliciaXO shootcation events, as well as the Makeup Artist for the event, and she accepted me for the last open spot on the trip.  The whole thing was put together on my end in maybe two weeks.  

This event was held back in January at a mountain retreat in Colorado.  I’ve been to Denver a few times.  This was a great chance to go back to somewhere I’ve enjoyed and meet another networking crew.   

Luckily all of this was held and done before the COVID-19 Pandemic shutdown.  I’m a Canadian, so borders are closed and were closed only a month or so after coming home.  I was home long before lockdowns started. 

At this event, I’m not sure Jenny stopped working.  She worked so hard for the entire trip. Jenny and I did four shoots during that trip.  She was a trooper.  We were up in the mountains.  She came prepared with dozens of outfits.  It was very cold outside in the snow,  

“And by what she is wearing…well, not a single complaint out of her on any shoot she did due to freezing cold weather we had.” 

Jenny please introduce yourself to us and our readers out there in a small get to know bio in 3 sentences? 

My name is Jenny Marie. I am a professional model and Playboy Playmate.

“Modeling has always allowed me to truly express myself and be the most creative I can be.” I love traveling, spending time with my pets and hanging out in my garden.

What is it Jenny, that you have learned or discovered from your successful modeling career thus far in this demanding modeling business share with us a few pointers? 

Have to have confidence in yourself, believe in yourself, if not then you will never make it in this business for sure, then also be true to yourself and work with the people whom believe in you that will help to make you a success and not break you. 

Your resume speaks volumes when it comes to modeling features and pictorials as a model internationally Jenny, share with us a few of those achievements your most proud of alongside today’s feature with us at MOLLMAGSA? 

  • Also featured in FHM as well as MAXIM 
  • Then I also worked on the online Radio Playboy Morning Show 


 FAVORITE MOVIE? – “10 Things I Hate about you” and also anything Disney related 

YOUR GO TO HOBBIES? – Love the outdoors… snowboarding, camping, hiking as well as creating content for my social media platforms… love to interact with my fans and followers on social media. 

FAVORITE MUSIC? – I totally love all kinds of music, but to get me in the mood for dancing there is nothing better than a bit of EDM, Hip Hop or R&B  

WHAT MAKES YOU SO UNIQUE? – I am passionate, I’m prideful and very professional in the hard work ethics I have in life to keep building my modeling career and brand to the best of my ability. 

IF YOU COULD GIVE ADVICE TO ANY UP COMING YOUNG MODELS OUT THERE THAT WOULD LIKE TO MAKE IT A SUCCESS STORY IN THE MODELING WORLD WHAT WOULD THAT ADVICE YOU SHARE TODAY BE? – “Know your worth. Don’t underestimate yourself. Work hard, be unique, and show the world why people are inspired by you.” 

SHARE WITH US THE FUNNIEST PICK UP LINE SOMEONE USED ON YOU? – Let’s say we go into a darkroom and see what develops.