Introducing our 2020 August month Cover model the all so beautiful all so talented , South African model Desire Manual, as she and photographer Ina Snyman from Ina’s Images alongside our MOLLMAGSA CEO Arne Schreuder brings you all the timeless beauty and finesse in today’s cover feature…


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Desire Manuel our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA August 2020 Covermodel all the way from Centurion Pretoria South Africa , she’s multi talented as Desire has been part of the modeling and pageant industry for years now…

Not only is she a model but also a very talented and certified Make-up Artist , as well as a loving mother and also a loving devoted soul to her amazing partner in life. In her words and we quote, “I’m kind of back in the industry, although I do prefer to work behind the cameras, with makeup and styling.” 

Also #DidYouKnow Desire also did ballet as well back in her school days #yesteryear’s … and she’s also a Latina heritage with a South African flavor to it, and a Passion for doing Makeup and Styling.

Lets join our MOLLMAGSA CEO Arne Schreuder as he dig’s a bit deeper into what makes Desire Manuel the phenomenal face for this month’s AUGUST 2020 cover, in today’s interview


Very warm welcome to you Desiré Manuel and Ina congrats on being our Covermodel feature for August 2020 for MOLMAGSA how does it feel? 

Model Desiré – Thank you. Well, at first this would have only been a featured shoot, but it’s truly amazing to be on the cover and I’m so fortunate to work with, in my opinion, the absolute best photographer. I feel honored and blessed beyond words. 

Ina Snyman from Ina’s Images – It is a huge honor to do a Cover for the second time. Last year, this time I was scheduled to do a cover in August with MOLLMAGSA MOLLBABE MODEL Samantha Els, but I fell ill, and we had to reschedule for October last year.  

I was delighted to do a cover for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA once again, so it feels like it has come full circle, and nothing happened to delay it this time around.  So, in my heart I am very happy and would like to thank Arne so much for giving me a chance once more and believing in me.  

 “Oh, and I need to mention that this August edition is very special to Arne as well because it is his birthday on the 3rd August, so I wish you a very happy birthday Arne. You are an AMAZING inspiration to all of us.” 

Give us a small intro in who you are and where you reside from Desiré? 

I am from Centurion, Pretoria. For years I was in the modelling and pageant industry. I think, since I was 12yrs old. For a few years I was busy with my own things, living life with my absolute amazing partner, being a mom, you know, just being me. Then Ina came on the scene and before I knew it, 

“I’m kind of back in the industry, although I do prefer to work behind the cameras, with makeup and styling.”

What is it about modeling you love so much where and how did the passion for it grab your attention Desiré, please explain? 

Well as I’ve said previously, I started modelling at the age of 12. I did ballet at that time as well which ended a few years later, but for me as a person, there was nothing better than looking my best, winning the titles and to be all out there, it all ended with Mrs. South Africa, when with long consideration,  

I withdrew, I was tired, emotionally, physically. I felt drained, always trying to be better, to be the best and to be perfect. This is such a hard industry to be in, and unfortunately women don’t always lift each other up, mostly it’s a competition.

Bit here I am, thanks to Ina, working with her, meeting new people, I’ve learned and I know and understand now, to do what makes you and only YOU happy as person.

“Life is about living, being happy, being yourself, not to make yourself sick by worrying who is prettier. We all just want be healthy and happy in the end.”

Today’s feature is all about that “FINESSE OF WINTER FLAIR LOOK” with the fashionable coat together with the glam lingerie… what made this photo shoot stand out from the rest that you did in the past? 

Desiré as a Model – I mean, think Marilyn Monroe. What’s classier than fur and lace all together, this is something I will do over and over. Mixing vintage and sexy. By the way. How beautiful is that coat though?! 

Ina Snyman from Ina’s Images – This photo shoot stood out for me because that lovely fur coat was a gift from my grandmother before she passed away.  I have always wanted to do a shoot in this lovely fur coat but never had the right model or feature planned. Desire was a pleasure to work with and her experience as model made my work so much easier. 

“I also want to mention that those pearls also belonged to my grandmother, so this is a very nostalgic and special shoot for me.”

Every one of us sometimes desire something in life, what would you say is the one thing in life you desire most? 

Model Desiré – Peace of mind, heart and soul. Being able to know that I did my best, I gave it my all. Relationships, work, being a mom and daughter. And that in the end what’s meant to happen, will and by, supporting my partner, so proud of him, his amazing talent, him as person. Being a mom. Otherwise I just take each day as it comes, spending time with my loved ones. 

Ina Snyman from Ina’s Images – I always desired unconditional love but as I grew older, my desire for good health, a peaceful and happy a life became more important and I wish to enjoy the little things in life and never take anything for granted. 

Desiré if you’re not modeling, where and what will we find you doing otherwise? 

I am a stylist, makeup artist and event planner. When life was normal, weekends were for rugby, supporting my partner, so proud of him, his amazing talent, him as person. Being a mom. 

“Otherwise I just take each day as it comes, spending time with my loved ones.”

Ina back to you how does it feel and how do you cope with the fact that you are in a wheelchair and struggling health wise how does this all impact your Photography background as a photographer these days? 

This past year was the most difficult one for me, up to & including June this year.  On the 12 June this year I had my last operation and with the grace of God I can walk again.  

Being in a wheelchair was extremely difficult for me and I wanted to give up so many times in respect of my dreams as a photographer, which forced me into changing my style of photography completely.  This was one of this most challenging year of my life and I can’t believe I came through it.  

Now I understand how incredibly difficult it is to have a disability and I have the most respect for people with disabilities / living with disabilities, staying positive, working hard and trying to make their dreams come true. I just want to mention on a personal note, that Arne you are an example and I have so much respect for you in this regard.  

“People tend to ask me how I stay so positive after “losing” the use of my legs – – – I simply ask them how they stay so negative with theirs” 

Which iconic photographers in the world inspires you in what you do as a photographer today Ina… and why do you say so? 

Patrick Demarchelier is a world-renowned French fashion photographer. Responsible for countless iconic images created for publications such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar,  

he is perhaps best known for his intimate portraits of Princess Diana that helped establish her popularity and accessible public image. When I was a child, I collected all his photos and he became an icon to me. 

What would you say is the perfect statement or message you want to portray with your Photography today and for the future ahead Ina? 

“I want to convey this message that if you have a dream, that regardless of your circumstances you must never give up on that and I also want to convey that with my work you will see the world that I carry in my heart.”