Beach wear is fun in the sun time as today’s Siwmwear Editorial comes from the European shores of Bulgaria with MOLLBABE MODEL Tinakis for our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA JULY month feature


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Beach day time to make the best of the fun day at the sunny beaches of Europe today, as we join MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA mollbabe Bulgarian Beauty aka Tinakis… yes ladies and gents she’s back, and this time in some beautiful flowery pink bikini swimwear.

Our MOLLMAGSA CEO Arne Schreuder recently joined her on a stroll enjoying the beaches of Bulgaria as he interviewed the the stunning Tinakis, and found out what she’s been up to since the last time we featured her in our December issue of 2018…

Fast forward to 2020 JULY and its shine time for Tinakis in some beautiful pink swimwear styling.

Welcome back Tinakis, congrats on being featured in our MOLLMAGSA JULY 2020 edition how do you feel and what does it mean to you being a featured mollbabe model today? 

Hello to everyone, I am glad to be back! I feel very happy that it is summer again here in BULGARIA. This is my favorite season.

“I feel so honored to be once again a featured model in MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA again.”

As you are all the way from Bulgaria Tinakis, tell us which is the ultimate spots in your town to relax party and unwind? 

We have many spots to hang out and relax. Mostly I like to keep fit and healthy so I like to play badminton with my friends and then afterwards I relax and party with my friends too, when we get the time to do so at weekends.


Today’s feature is all about swimwear and spending the day in the sun at the beach what will we find in your beach day backpack when you enjoy the day at the beach please show and tell? 

 You will find the following:  

  • cosmetics,
  • towel,
  • swimsuit,
  • water and a book in my backpack… I don’t like to carry too many things. 

Every one of us sometimes desire something in life, what would you say is the one thing in life you desire most? 

“To start a family of my own one day with a husband that loves me.”