Introducing our 2020 JULY month covermodel #MissJuly for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA aka Destiny Rey alongside cover photographer Phil Panz Pictures…


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Photography By Phil Panz Pictures on instagram at @philpanzpictures also on website


July month has arrived… so to a ” Desirable  Beauty with Elegance” aka #MissJuly2020 cover model for MOLLMAGSA – Destiny Rey… this Californian American Beauty from San Diego California USA, has that true X FACTOR… when it comes to Desirable Elegance and Beauty,

Since multiple features for numerous international magazines and brands, Destiny has truly been a model in high demand in featuring and doing modeling projects worldwide, as we the MOLLMAG FAMILY are truly proud to see her lift excel to new heights in the modeling world…

in her words she and we quote says… Being a MOLLBABE for MOLLMAGSA & MOLLMAG USA has been a super fun journey, I love seeing the final product once the magazine is together.”

Let’s join our MOLLMAGSA CEO Arne Schreuder, as he sat down to interview this month’s cover model mollbabe model Destiny Rey today.

Welcome back Destiny Rey, congrats on being our cover model for MOLLMAGSA JUNE 2020 month, how do you feel and what does it mean to you being our #covermodel and #MissJuly2020? 

 “It feels amazing and I always wanted to be on the cover on this magazine, thanks for this opportunity!”

Being back for your 2nd feature with us since last January 2020, how do you experience the journey of being part of the MOLLBABE FAMILY to be? 

Being a MOLLBABE for MOLLMAGSA & MOLLMAG USA has been a super fun journey, I love seeing the final product once the magazine is together.

Today’s cover feature and topic is all about ” That Desirable Elegant look” what does those words mean to you as a model in the industry please explain in your own words? 

“Elegance to me means a classy look and desirable means a sexy look in my eyes so to me it means a perfect mix of both.”

This concept idea and look we focus on today for the cover shoot feature, how did the idea with you and our CEO Arne Schreuder all planned out? 

“We discussed a lot of different looks and decided on this one, we both loved the red dress idea.”

Which outfit / dress you own in your closet is the most elegant in your eyes that you love to wear Destiny, show us and describe? 

 I feel like my old prom dress is the most elegant dress I own! I love the sequins and everything about it.

Every one of us sometimes desire something in life, what would you say is the one thing in life you desire most? 

“I desire to continue modeling for as long as possible, I really enjoy it.” 

As a woman what does the term or saying ” FREEDOM OF SPEECH ” mean to you please explain? 

“Freedom of speech means being able to say anything on your mind without getting judged and also standing up for what you believe in.”


 Hair Color –  Blonde

Bust / Cup size  34 D

Star sign –  Taurus  


When that craving comes to bust out a move on the dance floor what music would it be to get you in that dancing mood – Easy one I love R&B