Today we show our Diversity and how proud we are in showcasing it as we put once again the focus on the LGBTQ community in today’s feature for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA JULY 2020 edition as we introduce newest MOLLBABE model aka Sophia Abella.


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Today’s lifestyles and way of life must be seen and accepted with open eyes and vision to the world in equality and acceptance of all of the human race and human beings we are.

We introduce to you all aka Sophia Abella, she is the Transgender Queen of the Philippines proud of whom she is and what she has achieved and become as she’s a successful international model and actress as well as a activist for LGBTQ & human rights… she’s truly proud to show her pride not scared to speak her mind as she stands up in what she believes in.

In Sophia’s words and we quote ” I’m a provocative transsexual woman with brains and looks, and I’m always up for trying new things in life .” 

…  the kind dare-to-bare describes me best. An outrageous package of boldness, wisdom and glamour stunts and hungry for harmonizing efficiency, savvy systems and life hacks. In today’s feature the vocal points are focused on that and more as we put the spotlight on the LGBTQ community in the modeling industry of today and the future.

As our CEO Arne Schreuder sat down with Transgender model / actress and newest mollbabe model for MOLLMAGSA this month aka Sophia Abella…


Welcome Sophia and congrats on being today’s MOLLMAGSA mollbabe model feature for JULY 2020, how does it make you feel?

Very proud and very exciting to be part of the MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA magazine family and team its truly an honor to show the readers fans and followers who I am and what I proudly stand for in life.

What is it Sophia that made you want to become a transgender?

Even though choosing ones gender is more of sociological, I must say that there was no driving force for me to be a transgender. I have been through a lot to reach this point in my life, and I realized… that I should just embrace what God has chosen me to be.

I am just as human as other people and just as special as any masterpiece. When I was in grade school, I had a lot of questions about my sexuality, why I was different from the other boys, why I liked things that concern the girls etc. It was then that my journey began.

“I do not think anyone can be forced or prepared to what they become. It’s what you are. Accept and live by it and be proud of who you are no matter what life gives you.” 

Describe your style and look to us in the 4 factors?

  • dare-to-bare describes me best.
  • outrageous package of boldness,
  • wisdom and glamour stunt and hungry for harmonizing efficiency,
  • savvy systems and life hacks.

If you could inspire the younger generation people around you in the acting and modeling world what would your message be to them right now?

I will say the following… Today, I chase career over love. Love will find you. Believe in your fate. Work harder and be positive. Plus don’t be scared to show your true colors through love and equality for all around the world.

What is it about the MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA , MOLLMAG USA & MOLLMAG AUSTRALIA brands that stands out and intrigues you to be featured with us?

I love that the magazine is very diverse when it comes to modeling, culture, social society, lifestyles Animal Wildlife Nature & Environment, Sport, Movies… and the views of every featured model, photographer and artist is also very open minded,

and it gives us a platform to be proud in whom we are and what we stand for in life and also in what we believe in, in a safe loving caring environment for each other.

What would be that ultimate dream come true for you Sophia, share with us?

I like to face challenges and I have countless of stories to tell…

“I would like to pose as a living example and inspire many lives in the world especially in the LGBTQ community for the generation now and for many more of generations to come in the future”

I would like to show them that if I could do it then they could do too.

Who would you say is your inspiration in life Sophia, whom do you look up to in life?

I look up to these iconic figures and strong women in society and life LIKE… Gal Gadot and Priyanka Chopra.