Today is all about that Tropics Beauty feelin’ … as we showcase and introduce the beautiful and talent Juliet Amelia to you all for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA JULY 2020 feature.


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This true Blond Beauty was born in the U.K. then she searched greener parches and warmer weather so AKA Juliet Amelia decided then to swap the winter cold weather for the sunny shores and bikini all day attire of Clearwater Florida USA,

In her brief career as a successful international glamour model of 8 YEARS, Juliet surely made the fashion world / modeling world stand up and take note of her… 60 magazine covers landed thus far and surely in our opinion… more to come. As we are very proud to showcase her today, part of the MOLLMAG FAMILY and feature for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA JULY 2020 edition, 

further more mollbabe Juliet Amelia is not just a beautiful face with a amazing body and curves, but she’s also a qualified massage therapist & health coach… with much more hidden talents. She loves the outdoors especially spending her days on the beach or poolside and also YOGA is a big part of her life to keep her focused and in tune with a busy lifestyle a international model of her stature has to face day in & day out.

So let’s find out more as our CEO Arne Schreuder sat down to mollbabe model interview Juliet Amelia today.

Warm welcome to you Juliet, congrats on being one of our featured mollbabe models for MOLMAGSA July 2020 edition how does it feel? 

The last time I was a Mollbabe feature was a year ago when I was the July 4th cover girl, for MOLLMAG USA.  It is hard to believe a year has gone by and it feels great to be featured again by the MOLLMAG FAMILY, this time for the South African version aka MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA.

Give us a small intro in who you are and where you reside from Juliet? 

I’m a licensed massage therapist, health coach and glamour model with over 60 covers in my brief career of 8 years.  I was born in London U.K.  and moved to the USA 17 years ago.  I live on the beach in Clearwater, Florida.

“After my morning workout and yoga, I love spending each day in the sun on the beach or by the pool.”

What is it about modeling you love so much where and how did the passion for it grab you? 

Modeling is like acting.  I started shooting and fell in love with the camera.  I have many styles and love all genres.  

“Nothing is more rewarding than traveling, meeting new people and inspiring others.”

What is it about MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA’s style and brand that made you want to feature with us today? 

The brand is classy and sexy and features women I’m proud to share the pages with. “Proud to be part of the MOLLMAG FAMILY” 

Describe your Style and look what makes your modeling look and style so unique to you? 

I’m very eclectic.  I’m like a chameleon matching my look to the scene we are shooting.  The secret is being present and feeling the part.  The look comes naturally from there.  If I’m doing a sexy shoot, I think sexy thoughts and normally end up GETTING ME RIGHT IN THE MOOD for making LOVE… after the shoot is over.

Every one of us sometimes desire something in life, what would you say is the one thing in life you desire most? 

“Happiness comes from within. Having someone to share that happiness and the love of all life is why I feel I’m here.”

If you were running for president what will your campaign slogan be and when your elected as president of your country what changes will you make to make life better for your citizens and society? 

“We can have it all” would be an interesting slogan.  I would educate everyone on the love, wisdom and happiness that is already in each and every one of us. 

List your TOP 5 most memorable achievements publications thus far as an international model? –  

  •  Playboy Playmate of the Year for Sweden in 2019. 
  • My first Playboy Playmate of the month and cover for Africa in 2018. 
  • Playboy Playmate of the month for Spain in 2018. 
  •  Playboy Playmate of the month for Portugal 2019. 
  • Three FHM covers. 

Juliet, what would you say is the perfect statement or message you want to portray as a model to your fans, followers and supporters out there? 

“Follow your passions, live your dreams and believe in the power of you.”


STAR SIGN / BIRTH MONTH? – Libra / September

HOBBIES / INTERESTS? – Working out, yoga, sports cars, health and wellness, personal growth, cooking, fashion and social influencer

FAVORITE VACATION YOU HAD THUS FAR?  – Four Seasons Hawaii Big Island

WHICH DESIGNER CLOTHING YOU LOVE TO WEAR ON A DAILY BASIS? – Bikini Crush,Luli Fama, Beach Bunny (I live in a bikini)



TURNING BACK TIME… WHAT IS THE ONE THING YOU REMEMBER MOST BACK IN THE DAYS IN SCHOOL AS A LITTLE GIRL? – My first boyfriend bringing me little gifts to school when I was 6years old.

ITS SNACK TIME WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE FOOD / MEAL? – Fresh fruit smoothie with almond coconut milk.