It’s Time to work on that go to Summer Tan Lines as we give you our next MOLLMAGSA mollbabe Swimwear Beauty aka the delightful charm of Juliet Amelia for our August 2020 Swimwear Special Edition.


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We go Poolside today as it’s ” Time to Work on that Summer Tan Lines” , with the delightful and charming international MOLLBABE model Juliet Amelia, as she’s back to feature in our August 2020 Swimwear Special Edition.

All the way from Clearwater Florida USA , this lady knows all to well how to make a beautiful day at the pool shine and glow with true blissful ” Beauty and Charm” Juliet makes our eyebrows raise as we ” Get Ready For That Summer Feelin’ “

Our CEO Arne Schreuder joins Juliet Amelia Poolside today to find out more whats the secret to perfect tan lines for the up coming… ” Summer Season.”

Welcome Back Juliet, how does it feel to feature once again with us in such quick succession, and this time part of our Swimwear Special for August 2020 MOLLMAGSA?

Great to be back always a true joy to feature with my MOLLMAG FAMILY… and to feature in Swimwear or bikini is such an honor because,

“Summer Season is truly my favorite as I live for these Swimwear Poolside Sunny Weather moments, truly second nature for me.”

Juliet is truly blessed as she’s traveled the world over for her illustrious modeling career… destinations includes,

“Jamaica, Aruba, London, Paris, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Los Angeles, Las Vegas,  Hawaii, Jackson Hole, New York, Toronto and San Diego.”

that’s why in her words and we quote her saying… “Nothing is more rewarding than traveling, meeting new people and inspiring others.”

What is True Beauty to you?

“Be your own YOU, don’t let others change you to fit in make yourself stand out from the crowd.”

True Beauty comes through dedication hard work, maturity and the class and grace you carry yourself in life.

What is you go to rules for getting that body Bikini Body Ready for Summer Juliet?

Be prepared to do the following…

  • Lot’s of Yoga training each day.
  • To Keep fit it all starts with the right eating plan and eating habits.
  • Work on your tan lines with a healthy dose of Vitamin E, but not to much of it just the right amount to keep your skin smiling.
  • Keep yourself hydrated all the time drink water on a daily basis its surly the best fuel for your body.


FAVORITE FOOD / MEAL FOR SUMMER SEASON? – Fresh fruit smoothie with almond coconut milk.

QUOTE OF THE DAY? – “Follow your instincts without holding back and have no regrets about the past.”