It’s that Swimwear Feelin with our MOLLMAGSA August 2020 Special Edition this month with the Beautiful Lexi Wright together with international Photographer Warren M Eckstein.


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Photography by Warren M Eckstein on instagram @all_warren 

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That Swimwear Summer Season is here and for today’s feature that’s part of our MOLLMAGSA AUGUST 2020 SWIMWEAR SPECIAL EDITION we go poolside as we introduce newest mollbabe model all the way from FLORIDA USA aka.

the beautiful Lexi Wright together with the international Master Class Photographer aka Warren M Eckstein as they both bring us that “SUMMER SENSATION LOOKS” and “SUMMER VIBES” and smiles Poolside.

as our CEO Arne Schreuder sat down with them to get more on today’s feature for us.


Welcome Back Photographer Warren M Eckstein for yet another feature with us for MOLLMAGSA how does it feel?

It’s always a true blessing and honor to be a BIG PART of the MOLLMAG FAMILY for all 3 brands of MOLLMAG the USA version as well as the South African and Australian versions.

and further more to be a part of this month’s MOLLMAGSA Swimwear Special Edition for August 2020 is that much more special for me as well as model Lexi for sure, thank you so much Arne for everything you do.

Warren please describe model Lexi in a nutshell to us from a Photographer’s view point?

Well what can I say, she’s a perfect blend of Beauty Professionalism and so much fun… all smiles and a bubbly personality all rolled into one amazing and beautiful human being that Lexi is.

“A perfect look and mix for MOLLMAGSA that stands out for sure, natural beauty”


Achievements of Lexi in her modeling career thus far includes the following:

  • 2x Top 5 Hooters Regional.
  • 2018 Hooters Calendar Girl.
  • ModelsMania Covergirl  for July/August 2018.
  • And August 2020 MOLLMAGSA Swimwear Special Edition feature.

One Lesson Life has teach you the most Lexi?

We only have one life on earth, enjoy it while you can and…

“Make the best of what God has blessed us all with and that is life.”


Quote of the Day Lexi, share with us?

“Life is like a ray of sunshine it gives hope and light in times of darkness and tough times”