Today’s feature is all about the Beauty of a New Normal, as that’s the new lifestyle and new look we all find ourselves in these days due to a global PANDEMIC, as MOLLBABE model Esti van Eeden alongside Photographer Lyle Simes and our CEO Arne Schreuder shows us how its done, for our MOLLMAGSA August 2020 feature.


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Our Lifestyles that we live each day has totally changed as we find beauty and show beauty the “NEW NORMAL”  way. Due to the global pandemic we find ourselves in these days, we are forced to change the way we interact, change the way we live our lifestyles change the way we work

and change / open our eyes more in the way we see and appreciate life and those whom we care about the most in life. Well in today’s feature we open our eyes and appreciate ” The New Normal of Beauty”

as our CEO Arne Schreuder interviews Homegrown South African talents MOLLBABE model Esti van Eeden and Photographer Lyle Simes today.


Welcome back Esti van Eeden, congrats once again on another feature with us in such quick succession for MOLLMAGSA this month of August, how do you feel? 

“OMW, I am so happy! Thank you so much for always pushing me to do my best!” 

Working with South African Photographer aka Lyle Sims on this photoshoot and feature, what is it that stands out for you as a model from the work he does behind the lens please explain Esti? 

Lyle is just an amazing photographer. He knows what he wants and that shows in his work. He is so comfortable to work with and we laugh way too much sometimes and that makes it so much fun.

Him not being here and directing me over the phone with my own camera makes it very interesting and I love it! , as we need to take in consideration that WE ARE ALL in LOCKDOWN still in South Africa and need to practice social distancing the best we can due to COVID-19.


What is it about MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA MAGAZINE that grabs your interest and attention the most please explain? 

Model Esti  – Just being part of the magazine is amazing and seeing all the models and photographers always giving it their best. I love seeing people succeed! 

Photographer Lyle – Thanks for the feature Arne, the first thing that grabbed my attention with MOLLMAG SA is that it’s a homegrown magazine catering for both the local and international audience.      



Very warm welcome to you Lyle, please describe your photography and genre to us in a nutshell? 

In a nutshell, I love natural light and how it complements a photography genre such as boudoir so I incorporate this as much as possible into my photography,  

“The majority of my work is based around model portfolios, so this would cover a range of genres from lifestyle, fashion, swimwear and boudoir photography.” 

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the world is going through we all have to adapt to a new normal of living life and a new normal in our careers as everything is changing, tell us what has changed the most drastic for you in modeling and the photography industry the most? 

Esti as a model in the industry – I have to say not much has changed for me, I do more shoots at home now but other than that I am lucky enough to work with people that always keeps me safe. 

Lyle as a photographer in the industry – Personally I would have to list travel and photo shoot location as my number one impact, travel restrictions have made it challenging to travel between provinces as well as find suitable local shoots/venues as most venues are not able to cater for photo shoots at present due to social distancing and safety measures put in place.    

What would you say is the biggest lesson the COVID-19 pandemic has teach you the most? 

Model Esti – Well I can’t hug people anymore and that sucks a bit but I still get one in here and there. I’ve just learned that things can change in an instant and you have to give it your all everyday cause you never know if you will be able to do it tomorrow. 

Photographer Lyle – Adaptability. Making due with less and appreciating the little things we normally take for granted. 


Most fun about Modeling – The fact that I can express myself and be beautiful doing so.

Favorite Dream Vacation – Somewhere secluded on an exotic Island.

Quote of the Day – “Leave footprints that inspire those around you and be grateful for every day you are blessed with.”