All about bedroom beauty today with our Lingerie Queen aka Rachel Ashley Johnson alongside Peter Baratti Photography for MOLLMAGSA August 2020…


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Bedroom Beauty as we welcome back our MOLLMAGSA MOLLBABE modeling Queen of Lingerie aka the beautiful blond from California USA , Rachel Ashley Johnson, as she shows off her

“Bedroom Beauty Eyes” and sensual seductive looks in today’s Lingerie Editorial alongside the amazing international Photography talent of Peter Baratti for our August 2020 month feature.

Our CEO Arne Schreuder has more for us as he sat down with Rachel as she explains what that Ultimate Bedroom Beauty look is all about.


Welcome back Rachel for our MOLLMAGSA August 2020 month lingerie editorial feature how does it feel?

“Absolutely fantastic to be back always a true honor to feature for MOLLMAGSA !!!”


You are now officially known and dubbed as our LINGERIE QUEEN / the Queen of Lingerie Editorials for us how does this news sound to you Rachel?

Well this is SUPER AMAZING and I am truly honored to hear the news and officially be known as the Lingerie Queen for MOLLMAGSA, thank you so so much, but in all fairness I could not achieve this with the help of the amazing Lingerie I’m wearing aka

AGENT PROVOCATEUR, the brand is truly phenomenal and makes me feel so sexy and confident when I wear it.“Truly my favorite of all Lingerie Brands out there.”

How does it feel working with Photographer Peter Baratti?

“So so Professional and classy work he does I am amazed about how beautiful the final results came out with this shoot we did,”

Thank you so much Peter.

The Ultimate Bedroom Eyes / Bedroom Beauty look for you Rachel, how would you describe that to us?

Well it’s all down to the following:

  • It all starts with… you have to have PASSION.
  • The setting and mood in the bedroom should flow together.
  • The connection between you and your loved one should be in-sync with each other.
  • And the LOVE should be real for each other.
  • Communication between you and your partner should always be there.
  • Be Confident in yourself, your look and body.

Your go to Quote and message today to our readers and your fans out there Rachel?

“Be unique, be you, be comfortable and confident in yourself, the true you is what the world wants to see.”