Today we showcase our inner Picasso , using the art of paint and the art of the human body as we introduce to all aka the Beautiful Stephanie Kenney & Phil Cheevers from Max Glamour Photography for our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA August 2020 feature.


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Showing our inner PICASSO as it’s time to “Express Yourself Through Painting” as we welcome newest MOLLMAGSA mollbabe model all the way from Canada aka Stephanie Kenney, this outspoken Blond Beauty is a very unique individual,

as she speaks up loud when it needs to… She’s a free spirit who takes chances in life that lives in the moment and a hard worker. In other words as Stephanie says… SPEAK UP AND LEAD! – ” If you can still hear your fears, shift gears. “ 

let’s find out more as our CEO Arne Schreuder interview’s Stephanie and Phil today…


Welcome Stephanie & Phil, congrats on your feature with us for MOLLMAGSA this month of August, how do you feel? 

Model Stephanie – I am so happy, and appreciate every bit of the support! Thank you so much very grateful! 

Photographer Phil Cheevers – Thanks for the opportunity to meet South African people.  I feel grateful to be in MOLLMAGSA

Introduce yourself to us Stephanie where do you reside from and what is it that makes you being you? 

Hello EVERYONE I am Stephanie, representing the Niagara region in CANADA. I am definitely a unique individual, who takes chances. living in the moment. I’m an outspoken, blunt individual I wouldn’t expect me to stay silent.  SPEAK UP and lead! –

” If you can still hear your fears, shift gears. “

Phil back to you… as a photographer what is it that makes model Stephanie’s look and style so unique described in 3 words? 

Stephanie is so darned fun to work with…

“A real pro and hard worker.” 


Today’s feature is all about expressing yourself through the meaning of paint, if you could give one message to the world out there today what would that message be through today’s feature and photo shoot using paint? 

Model Stephanie as a model – Express yourself and never be afraid to show your color or even ya teeth! 

Phil Cheevers as a Photographer – It is a self-expression process. The model drips the paint on herself and smooches the colors in. Sometimes it is just one color and sometimes many, but either way the model has complete control and it really shows in her performance.   

What is it about MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA MAGAZINE that grabs your interest and attention the most please explain? 

Model Stephanie – The series and story the pictorials featured articles tell of each artist photographer and model and never mind the outstanding art that comes with it. 

Photographer Phil Cheevers – I’ve been following MOLL MAGAZINE USA and her sister magazines for a while now and have enjoyed the pictorials done by talented photographers and with fabulous models.  What’s not to like! …  

Because seeing the South African edition as well as the Australian edition aka MOLL MAGAZINE SOUTH AFRICA and MOLL MAGAZINE AUSTRALIA are both just as phenomenal. Fantastic to be part of the MOLLMAG FAMILY FLAG SHIP.”  

Phil doing a Paint Photoshoot what were the 3 vocal points you focused on the most for today’s feature?

  • Giving the model freedom to create her own expressions  
  • Keeping paint off the camera 
  • Lightly coaching the model without getting in her way. Stephanie was awesome!


ZODIAC SIGN / BIRTH MONTH? – Libra / October 

MOST VALUABLE LESSON LEARN IN LIFE THUS FAR? – The most valuable lesson is truly not caring what others think about me.  In the end people will judge you anyway. Don’t live your life impressing others. Live your life impressing yourself.  It’s a truly free feeling to let free and be myself. 

WHAT INSPIRES YOU THE MOST TO LIVE LIFE THE FULLEST? – TIME”. Make every second count or live to regret it. Mostly I don’t want to be questioning, I want to be able to tell the story. 

LET’S MAKE DREAMS COME TRUE WHAT WOULD YOUR ULTIMATE DREAM COME TRUE BE? – My dream is truly just having a happy, loving family and caring handsome. To me that’s all you need is love and family by your side. Money can’t buy you happiness, just sharing laughter, memories…  is priceless. 

FAVORITE NETFLIX SERIES OR MOVIE YOU LAST WATCHED? – The new Charlie’s Angels MOVIE, been on a girl power kick lately. My usual go to is horror movies, my favorite TV show is American horror story!  

YOUR GUILTY PLEASURES WHAT WOULD THAT ENTAIL? – If we are talking food pizza is definitely my guilty pleasure, and murder mystery TV shows I get way to into it.! 

WE ALL TRY TO LIVE A FIT AND HEALTHY LIFESTYLE GIVE US YOUR GO TO FEEL FIT MOMENT FOR TODAY? – I’m a FITNESS JUNKIE so Yoga, and resistance bands! Have def. changed a lot for me. Most definitely my feel fit moment of the day! 


THE FOLLOWING: “Hey baby, did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” AS WELL AS – ” Hey Girl feel my sweater, know what it’s made of?  Boyfriend material.” 

I mean come on lads lets be more creative when it comes to pickup lines really. – “True Gentleman don’t need any pickup lines… enough said”