Everyone of us has a passion, an obsession and love for Lingerie / Lace, well we focus today on that fact for sure in today’s newest Lingerie Editorial called ” FOR THE LOVE OF LACE” in our August 2020 feature…


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Photography By Bennie Gonzalez from The Photo Loft on instagram @benniegonzalez


That Blond Beauty is back AKA MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA mollbabe model Danielle Lynn brings that Lingerie / Lace factor today, as she and international photographer Bennie Gonzalez from the USA , alongside our MOLLMAGSA CEO Arne Schreuder gives us…

a new meaning to the phrase ” FOR THE LOVE OF LACE”, the saying is true we all are comfortable when it comes to showing your love and passion for one and another in the bedroom, so we tend to spice things up #PillowTalk or #BedroomAdventure times…

And to do this the outfits we wear in this case it is, lingerie / lace, we must make sure we feel comfortable / confident in it, looking attractive and sexy in what we wear and how we wear it when its time to spice things up for us and our partners. “What Happens in the Bedroom, stays in the bedroom”

Welcome back Danielle for yet another MOLLBABE feature with us for MOLLMAGSA AUGUST 2020 feature, how does it feel time to express yourself? 

It’s always amazing to be in front of the camera and super glad I finally was able to get in front of the talented Bennie Gonzalez’s camera. 

How would you best describe the photography work of photographer aka Bennie Gonzalez, what stands out the most for you, from today’s feature for us? 

“I think it’s the chemistry we have to together that helps a lot… he makes it a very comfortable environment. Plus, his lighting and editing are top notch.” 

What is the one thing in life you value the most these days Danielle? 

My family. My kids are my everything! I live every day to see their smile and to spend time with them.

As the world today is living life the NEW-NORMAL way… what would be the 1 thing this COVID-19 pandemic has teach you the most please share? 

COVID-19 has taught me to always be thankful for being healthy and being able to even go to a restaurant to eat. “It definitely has shown me not to take the little things in life for granted.”

Living in the USA… How would you best describe the saying “The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.” in your own words? 

It means that so many brave soldiers have fought for our freedom to be where we are today… we should be grateful to those who have served for us and those who have died to protect our freedom.  

“ #NeverForget #AlwaysRemember “

As a woman what does the term freedom of speech mean to you personally? 

For me it means the right to be able to express myself. If we didn’t have that right, I feel like a lot of us would lose sight of who we really are. 


Share your most unusual fear you have?  – I’m super terrified of flying it’s the whole not being in control aspect. 

If you could be part of or star in a reality TV SHOW OR NETFLIX Documentary which reality show or documentary be and why? – The 100 because I’m super into the whole space to Earth aspect and I am completely addicted to the show. I love how there is always so much going on. 

Where do you see yourself 10years from now and what will you be doing Danielle? – In ten years, I hope to be living on the beach of Florida Miami and watching my kids go off to high school. 

What is on your bucket list / to do list for the month of August… share with us? – It’s my birthday month so definitely to take a trip somewhere and celebrate.