A true Passion for modeling and the perfect look for it to, as we introduce newest MOLLMAGSA mollbabe model Chloe Heart today alongside Danny Steyn Photography, for our August 2020 edition.


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It’s all about that passion for modeling today with the all so charming aka Miss Chloe Heart as she is making her debut today with us for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA, the blond bombshell beauty with dark blue / grey eyes and long blonde hair and long legs for days…

as well as a huge passion for modeling and nude arts, this local South African lady makes her dreams and surly our fans and readers dreams come true. Today is no exception, because in Chloe’s words and we quote,

“I feel the female body form is the most beautiful thing on earth. I also believe that in each one of us there is a unique individual beauty to be captured. I celebrate my body & embrace my flaws.

let’s find out more about MOLLBABE MODEL Chloe Heart today as our CEO Arne Schreuder sat down to get the juicy gossip interview on what makes Miss Chloe Heart such a Heartbeat hit with fans and followers,



Welcome Chloe what’s the first reaction and feeling / emotion you got when you heard the news that you’ll be part of our MOLLBABE features for the month of August 2020? 

“I feel totally honored to be one of the mollbabe features and part of the MOLLMAGSA FAMILY”

Introduce yourself to us in a nutshell who you are, where you reside from and how did the modeling journey start for you in 4 sentence bio to us and the readers / fans out there? 

I am born and bred in JHB Johannesburg Gauteng SOUTH AFRICA in the east of JHB to be exact. (a #JoziGirl)

 I am an exotic dancer, cam girl & onlyfans model as well as part time model for photo shoots, with a unique personality and many different interests.

What’s the story / meaning behind the stage name “Chloe Heart” time to spill the beans kiss and tell time? 

So, when I started with exotic dancing my bestie at the time had a stage name starting with the letter “C” so I also opted for a letter “C” in my name,  

As Chloe WAS THEN created for my stage persona… it’s a pretty cute name & reminded me of a Bratz doll. I chose to have a stage surname “Heart” as it differentiated me and sound more “exotic dancer like” WINK WINK 

You’re a very passionate lady with a heartbeat for modeling, tell us Chloe what is it about modeling you love so much? 

I enjoy modeling & nude arts as I feel the female body form is the most beautiful thing on earth. I also believe that in each one of us there is a unique individual beauty to be captured. 

“I celebrate my body & embrace my flaws.”

What is it about today’s social lifestyle on social media you preserve to be the most fun of all? 

The most fun and positive aspects of social media today is that we are all connected and can have a broader reach around the globe. Plus, it’s always fun to make friends with people from around the world but with caution of course.


Share with us your OMG weirdest moment / message you got from your fans or followers on social media? 

Wow, there are so many hahaha, I get them almost daily, ok so discounting the regular naughty below the belt X-rated pics FANS at times send me which is truly hilarious…  

“I had a fan ask me to mail my socks to him once LMAO, no judgement though, I enjoy treating my foot fetish fans once in a while.”

As we all battle to make ends meet in this COVID-19 PANDEMIC, what would you say is the biggest lesson you have learned thus far? 

That many of our jobs such as exotic dancing & the entertainment community are vulnerable to the pandemic… So Online chatroom’s or live cam shows is the way of the future in the ADULT ENTERTAINMENT business, I’m in.  

“Always count your blessings and never take life for granted ever again.”


WHERE WOULD YOUR FAVORITE PLACE TO BE TO RELAX AND UNWIND? – I enjoy long walks in nature to revive my spirit. And long soaking hot bubbles baths with a good book to relax. All things you can do at home. 

MEASUREMENTS? – Height 167cm, weight 53kg and Bra / Cup size, I’m a 32 C   “All Natural” 

EYE COLOR? – Dark Blue / Grey 


  • I would like to change people’s perceptions & stereotyping women in the adult industry, I have met some of the hardest working passionate, intelligent, beautiful souls in this industry and unfortunately the world judges them and makes assumptions way to harshly for our profession.  
  •  Also, more acceptance & tolerance & less hate & ignorance. 

IF YOU COULD STEP INTO A CELEBRITIES SHOES FOR A WEEK WHICH CELEBRITY WOULD THAT BE AND WHY? – As much as it drives me slightly crazy how the whole internet copies her with the lips etc. and by no means am I a super fan,  

but I would have to say Kylie Jenner because she’s a TREND SETTER and FABULOUS   

GUILTY PLEASURES? – Staying in bed binge watching ON TV SERIES AND MOVIES and munching down on a Kit-Kat chunky peanut butter chocolate. 

PET PEEVES? – Ignorance and small-minded people in general. Spread love not hate & judgment. Girls bringing other girls down…. lets rather Lift each other’s crowns ladies 

HIDDEN TALENT WHAT WOULD BE YOURS SHARE WITH US? – I play a good game of poker. And well the other thing is maybe a bit X-rated to mention to the readers so they may have to subscribe to my Onlyfans website to find out more… see ya there!!! 

FAVORITE BODY FEATURE MOST FANS COMPLEMENT YOU ON? – Most definitely my long blond hair and my booty… sssh secret I LOVE my booty to wink wink.