Introducing our MOLLMAGSA SWIMWEAR SPECIAL EDITION August 2020 Covergirl the beautiful and talented Lydia Collinge alongside Photographer Rod Capon


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Yes it’s time for that SWIMWEAR fever, get ready for warm sunny weather poolside parties and beach body ready stunning beauty… “SUMMER TIMES” are around the corner and this month of August we got you covered with a SWIMWEAR SPECIAL EDITION,

as we bring some of our international and local mollbabes models out to play in the sun POOLSIDE at home and at the beach in between the sand surf and sea sides…

First up is today’s COVERGIRL aka Lydia Collinge all the way from Australia as she gets ready for a Poolside Summer Party and is inviting us all to join her,

so let’s hear whats on her mind as she’s interviewed by our CEO Arne Schreuder today for our AUGUST 2020 MOLLMAGSA SWIMWEAR SPECIAL EDITION.


Welcome back yet again for another MOLLBABE feature Lydia, how does it feel to be back for our August 2020 SWIMWEAR SPECIAL EDITION feature? 

OMG I’m stunned I am absolutely thrilled to be back on the cover of MOLLMAGSA – The Swimwear Special Edition, really is an amazing opportunity thank you so much.

August month is here, so tell us what’s on your to do list bucket list for this month Lydia? 

Not much really… I don’t have a lot on my list… it’s rather more a clean-out at home kinda thing, making my place clean and beautiful. I am actually also on the baking and cooking wagon these days #cookingmode and, yes also not forgetting my fitness routine involves workout sessions at home these days because, 

As we all know due to COVID-19 and the lockdown things drastically changes from a flick of a switch  

as most of us will find ourselves being lazy at times… that’s just #HumanNature, as you tend to eat so much more and enjoy lazy afternoons on the couch with the remote in hand binge watching NETFLIX, and put on the weight everything is hard, 


“And reality is work is slow right now as well, but yep my motto is… I don’t give up.”

How much did this COVID-19 pandemic back in AUSTRALIA changed your life as a model and personally as well Lydia share with us? 

The pandemic has set lots of strict limits, everything has been a rocking boat thus far, where things can change and then fall back in an instant, it’s been a roller-coaster ride that’s for sure, a year filled with sad moments. 

“We really just need to keep on praying and believing that all this will pass in due time, and that there will be light of hope in these dark times the world finds itself in.” 


What is it about the swimwear culture lifestyle these days that makes you feel beautiful and empowered as a woman Lydia? 

“It’s something that shows your figure more that you must and can be proud of, and I love the designs of the bikinis these days.” 

,and on days when it’s a hot summer’s day you want to wear less and yes if it’s a beach and swimming pool it’s the way to go and the photo shoots can be breathtaking with the water effects and the beautiful scenery. #WOWFACTOR

Topic of discussion we recently heard that Aboriginal culture, art and lifestyle is going to be a big thing coming soon for the fashion world…  

as pointed out in a recent article in ABC NEWS AUSTRALIA as Aboriginal model… living with vitiligo AKA Syriah Reid Taylor, will debut in the upcoming LONDON FASHION WEEK…  

Lydia tell us what’s your views on this fantastic news for AUSTRALIA’s diversity and culture in the Fashion world for the future? 

Well that’s fantastic news, because it shows the fashion world is going the right direction in my opinion showing diversity, it doesn’t matter what color, race, size or culture you are, in the end anyone can have a dream and goal to strive for and succeed in it.  “It does not matter who you are.” #WEAREALLEQUAL 

What’s your message to your fans and our readers today Lydia, as the spotlight is yours? 

I truly hope you all enjoy my article feature today and let love shine upon you all and to all my fans out there… 

“Love You All & Be Safe”


Lydia is not just a model as she’s also a voice over actress and music artist as well

Lydia’s heritage are the following a mix of New Zealand, Australian, and Welsh.

Quote of the Day – “Keep on smiling and stay positive your time will come and it will be great.”