Summer Sensations in South Africa as we introduce another new face newest mollbabe feature for our MOLLMAGSA AUGUST 2020 Swimwear Special Edition… Homegrown beauty Mishke Heydenrych together with Courtney Whittaker Photography.


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Photography by Courtney Whittaker at @courtneywhittakerphotography 

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Beach Time and some “Summervibes” are the mix and look for today… Keepin it Homegrown with Homegrown modeling beauty and Photography alongside some stunning beach scenery from SOUTH AFRICA.

Introducing newest modeling feature aka Homegrown beauty Mishke Heydenrych alongside Photographer Courtney Whittaker. As they both bring the beauty of South Africa’s ( sand surf and sea ) together with a unique modeling beauty.

And with Mishke you surely will find that unique beauty and so much more as our CEO Arne Schreuder finds out for us today.


Welcome Back Courtney Whittaker how does it feel to once again get your Photography work featured with us at MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA?

“Really amazing this was so unexpected, but when Arne approached me to showcase another feature I totally was so overwhelmed and happy to be featured this month.”

As a Photographer, what is it about Mishke’s look as a model that intrigues you the most to give that unique look for a photo in front of the camera Courtney?

“The fact that shes so comfortable with her body and look and very confident as well speaks volumes, and her face is made for the camera it just works…”

Her eyes connect with the camera so well and it made my job so easy. A true gem to work with that’s for sure !!! Would love to photograph and work with her again in the future.

Photography Genres you focus on as a Photographer Courtney?

Well my range and genres are a huge variety as Photography is my true passion and I love what I do, my genres consists of the following:

  • Weddings
  • Corporate
  • Fashion
  • Lifestyle
  • Family
  • Portraits
  • Automotive
  • Events
  • Studio Photography
  • Fitness
  • Glamour
  • Swimwear

and the list grows bigger every day and with every project I do.

Your message to the world out there and to our readers and your fans Photographer Courtney?

“Live your dreams and wonders through the art of photography as it tells a timeless story of your journey”