Bringing that “ROCK CHIC ” theme and feel today as we introduce newest MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA mollbabe feature aka Candice Soetzenberg together with the talented Allan Taylor Photography & Creatiff Make-Up Artistry by Tiffany Adams Matthews


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Mua done by Tiffany Adams Matthews from Creatiff Make-Up Artistry on 

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Candice Soetzenberg our newest MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA mollbabe model feature for today is all about that ” ROCK CHIC” factor…

All the way from Cape Town South Africa, Candice brings that daring, stylish and edgy personality and look to the showcase table today…  also through modeling Candice wants to create awareness of equality and inspiring young women to be a positive example in their communities.

As August month is also known in SOUTH AFRICA as #Women’sMonth , as  national woman’s day is around the corner, Candice wants to remind all women out there, to be and we quote…

“Rock it out your way, step out and be daring. All women have a rock chic in them ready to play rough stylishly!”

Sit back and enjoy the interview our MOLLMAGSA CEO Arne Schreuder has today with the inspiring Candice Soetzenberg.


Welcome Candice how does it feel to be featured today with us for August 2020? 

“I am very excited and so privileged to be featured, this is a wonderful opportunity for me, I am honored!” … thank you so much.

Give us a small intro bio in who Candice Soetzenberg is and where you reside from in 3 to 4 sentences? 

I’m a local girl from a small town Grabouw in the Elgin Valley, but currently reside in Cape Town. I aspire to be a model with a purpose, creating awareness of equality and inspiring young women to be a positive example in their communities.  

“I have interests in tourism and I am currently doing my internship at an award-winning Tourism Company in Cape Town.”

What is it about MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA that intrigued you to be featured with us Candice? 

MOLLMAGSA has an edge with a purpose that I can relate to. The online platform is amazing and it promotes local models as well as international models and talent.

Describe your look and modeling style in 3 words to your fan’s followers and our readers out there today? 

“Daring, stylish and edgy!”


Being from Cape Town South Africa what would you say is the one thing about Cape Town and the #MotherCity that makes it so diverse and unique to the world stage? 

Cape Town has a certain buzz to it, beautiful scenery, delicious food, killer night life and the people…the people have personalities you can only find in the Cape.  

“Then follow the Wine Route and you have to pop in at my hometown Grabouw to pick some apples, walk the vineyards and taste some of the best wines in the world.”

Who or what inspires you to be the best you can be Candice and why would you say so? 

“My mother is my biggest inspiration.”  She taught me to stay humble and work hard for what I want in life.  From those humble beginnings I learned that it doesn’t matter how much you have; it matters how much you can be for yourself and others! in life. 

Today’s feature is all about that “ROCK CHIC” persona with the Leather jacket and pants plus the guitar and rocking heals, give us one thing that stood out the most for you about this photo shoot? 

“Every experience on a shoot excites me.”  It confirms my love for modelling and how I can adapt or act personas to fit the brief. The part I love most is when it all comes together with the help of different elements to produce the final picture. ”It was such fun!” 

As a South African Candice what’s your views on the #BlackLivesMatter movement that is making waves worldwide right now, share with us your views and stand on it please? 

“As a proudly South African woman of color, in a land of diversity aka SOUTH AFRICA, I believe in our differences and that all lives matter.”  

Every background, every religion and every heritage and culture together as one heartbeat matters, as we all #StandTogether as One, in a nation proud of its diversity

and LOVE, PEACE and UNITY / TOGETHERNESS for one and another in our beautiful COUNTRY SOUTH AFRICA.

What would be your message of encouragement and inspiration be to all women in the world today? 

“Rock it out your way, step out and be daring. All women have a rock chic in them ready to play rough stylishly!”



FAVORITE CHILDHOOD MEMORY YOU HAVE THAT YOU WILL NEVER FORGET SHARE WITH US? – Having the opportunity to compete nationally (Athletics Track&Field) in the 100meter and 200meter sprinting in representation of South Africa.”To have been on that field, still brings joy to my heart!” 

FAVORITE NETFLIX MOVIE OR TV SERIES? – Anything involving fashion and sometimes a romantic comedy gets me laughing and crying simultaneously!

WHAT IS THE ONE THING IN SOUTH AFRICAN LOCKDOWN YOU MISS THE MOST? –  Socializing freely, attending or watching sport games with my close friends and going to the cinema.

EXPLAIN THE MEANING BEHIND #LOCALISLEKKER … WHAT IS LOCAL AND LEKKER TO YOU ABOUT SOUTH AFRICA? – It means to proudly support locally made produce! South Africa is “local and lekker” by its cultural diversity, indigenous sources and spirit of togetherness!

FAVORITE FOOD DISH TO MAKE OR LATE-NIGHT SNACK TO ENJOY? – I love to make Lasagna or “slap chips” (French fries), yet  I enjoy nibbling on some biltong as well!!!

CELEB CRUSH? – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Vin Diesel and Denzel Washington.