Winter fashion is the name of the game today as we bring you some winter looks for the month of August 2020 featuring newest mollbabe model Dominique Vermaak and Photographer Eduard Labuschagne from MODELCONNECT RSA for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA.


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Time to showcase some new look new faces and fantasy Winter Fashions as we welcome newest mollbabe feature and face, looking real aka Fantastico in that Winter Fashion Look the beautiful Dominique alongside ModelConnectRSA.

Dominique is pretty new to the modeling scene, but she absolutely loves “FASHION” she loves choosing different outfits to do photo shoots in as it forever sends a statement and expression of herself for a lifetime.

We are really proud and honored to feature her to you all for the very first time as we know she’s got the passion the look and drive to go far, as we believe in what Dominique wants to achieve in this for the future,

so let’s join our CEO Arne Schreuder as he interview’s both Dominique and Eduard  for this month’s August 2020 MOLLMAGSA edition.

Welcome back Dominque & Eduard congrats on today’s winter session feature with us in such quick for MOLLMAGSA this month of August, how do you feel? 

Model Dominique – This is an extremely great opportunity and I’m overwhelmed with excitement. Having the opportunity to be featured in such a prestigious magazine gives me great joy. I would like to thank you everyone… especially Arne Schreuder CEO of MOLLMAGSA, as well as Eduard from MODELCONNECT RSA, for this opportunity, and let you know what an honor this is. 

ModelConnectRSA (Eduard Labuschagne) – So blessed once again to work with the MOLLMAGSA team and Arne does a phenomenal job. Thank you so much.


Time to introduce yourself to us Dominique who you are and where you reside from in a small nutshell 3 sentences? 

Hello everyone I’m Dominque Vermaak, I’m from Pretoria South Africa. I’m basically an introverted extrovert.

“I believe in being a positive person in life.”

Working with South African Photographer aka Eduard Labuschagne from ModelConnectRSA on this photoshoot and feature, what is it that stands out for you as a model from the work he does behind the lens please explain Dominique? 

He is extremely passionate about photography. He goes out of his way to make you feel comfortable. At first, I was intimidated but he quickly made me feel comfortable and I think it’s extremely important for a photographer to have that as a quality.  

“I feel like Eduard can basically turn a blank page / canvas into something amazing. A dull location quickly changes to something more.”

Dominque give us 5 factors on why you love modeling so much? 

  •  Modeling is a new experience for me and I love it because I used to view models from a stereotypical point of view and now, I have the opportunity to change other people’s view.  
  • I wouldn’t love modeling without my coach (Lu-Juan Mzyk) who inspires me each day to pursue my goals.  
  • Modeling gives you a different persona to step into when you need to.  
  • A lot of models have a strong influence over younger people and I’d like to be a positive influence for someone one day who may need it.  
  • Very few people actually know how much work goes into modeling and I love that you can just be proud of how far you’ve come even though others don’t see it.

What would you say is the biggest lesson the COVID-19 pandemic has teach you the most Dominique? 

It taught me that you should appreciate what you have, because it can be gone in an instant. We were all cooped up in our homes, missing our friends and families.

“It taught me to appreciate all the small things like a hug and having a laugh with someone in person.”


FAVORITE WAY TO EXPRESS YOURSELF BESIDES MODELING DOMINQUE? – By choosing outfits. Fashion will forever send a statement. My outfits almost always depend on my mood. It’s the best way to express myself and I absolutely love it. 

WHAT WOULD YOU SAY IS YOUR PERFECT WAY TO A RELAXED DAY #MeTime? – The go to answer would be probably be Netflix and chill but I’m a Netflix or read a book kind of girl. If a series doesn’t catch my attention a book will definitely and vice versa. 

WHAT WOULD BE YOUR DREAM JOB ONE DAY? – I want to work in the tourism industry. I want to learn more about our land and what it means to different cultures. It’ll be amazing if I can teach people about all the beautiful places our land holds. 

FAVORITE MOVIE OF ALL TIME? – This is so tricky. I have so many to choose from! One classic movie that stands out and never ever bores me is THE MOVIE Grease. 

FAVORITE MUSIC TRACK TO JAM OUT TO WITH YOUR GIRLFRIENDS ON A SATURDAY NIGHT OUT? – There are way too many favorites. From singing along with the classics to rapping with Cardi B. Oh and you can never go wrong with a throwback. 

MOST VALUABLE LIFE LESSON LEARNED THUS FAR? – That you should always be yourself. You can’t take on the personality of someone else and they can’t do it to you. Be yourself to the fullest and that’s when you’ll be happy. 

FOOD PORN, WHAT WOULD BE YOUR FAVORITE FOOD TAKE-AWAY OR FOOD DISH TO ENJOY THE MOST? – Pizza is my love snack for sure. I can be tricked into almost everything with pizza. 

WHATS THE ONE THING THAT IS THE MOST ANNOYING FOR YOU ON SOCIAL MEDIA THESE DAYS? – People who make others feel bad about themselves. It’s always been a problem but you would think with everything evolving that we would’ve learned to keep our opinions for ourselves. 

IN YOUR OPINION WHATS THE ONE WOMEN’S PRODUCT THAT WILL STAND THE TEST OF TIME THAT NO ONE WILL FORGET? – It will certainly be lipstick. Lipstick was used all the way back to the ancient civilizations. The people would crush either gemstones or fruits and apply it as lipstick. It has certainly evolved over time and most grandma’s absolutely love their red lipstick!