Today marks a SPECIAL DAY on the calendar for South Africa as a country and for all South Africans aka as its known as Heritage Day 24th September 2020, so to all South Africans we say Happy Heritage Day, let’s embrace our Heritage through pride love and peace and respect to all.


Photography By Clint Jenneker from Big Dreamer Photography PE on instagram at @bigdreamerphoto_pe also on facebook


As a South African we are Prideful and a country proud of our Diversity of many Cultures and Religions which come from a long rich Heritage all together as one in unity…

we South Africans are encouraged to celebrate our culture and the diversity of our beliefs and traditions, in the wider context of a nation that belongs to all of us it’s people in “LOVE , RESPECT AND IN UNITY FOR ONE AND ANOTHER aka Ubuntu”

And we like to take the time and place today from us all of MOLLMAGSA as we showcase our Pride and Joy for our South African Heritage

as we showcase it and celebrate it through Style and Beauty through the Photography lens of Local South African Photographer Clint Jenneker from Big Dreamer Photography Port Elizabeth South Africa , alongside our CEO Arne Schreuder, as we bring you the Beauty of our Heritage through Fashion.

One’s Heritage should be celebrated today  in the respect love and unity it brings together for one and all and it’s country we love so much aka “MAMA AFRICA” our home our country we are Proud to call SOUTH AFRICA a country whom is rich in its beauty of cultures , religions diversity IN UNITY as ONE HEARTBEAT

To follow is a few inspiring quotes on what makes South African’s #ProudlySA … as we celebrate #HeritageDay 2020 today.

“Our rich and varied cultural heritage has a profound power to help build our nation”  – by the Late Great #Madiba Nelson Mandela,

“Our Hearts will always beat to the rhythm of the African Drum”

“The Most treasured heirlooms are the Sweet Memories from our Family that we pass down to Our Children of this Land and Country.” 

“A People’s Relationship to their Heritage is the same as a relationship of a Child to it’s Mother.”