Spring Season is here and this September month that Denim Look is the in Look for this Season, as we introduce newest Homegrown South African modeling beauty aka Claire Du Preez for our MOLLMAGSA SEPTEMBER 2020 feature.


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Photography by Graham Charles from UR IMAGE PHOTOGRAPHY on

instagram | facebook as well as website

MUA done by ItsLarneyMakeup on instagram and facebook

Photo shoot theme and directing done by Arne Schreuder


Today’s Fashion statement for that SEPTEMBER 2020 Spring Season… It’s all about that Denim / Jeans look as we bring you the beautiful Homegrown South African Claire Du Preez as she struts her Denim Spring Season look for this month’s Editorial,

together with the talented South African Photographer Graham Charles from UR IMAGE PHOTOGRAPHY and also the Makeup Artist that makes Claire’s true beauty stand out aka @ItsLarneyMakeup.

Let’s join our CEO Arne Schreuder as he interview’s these 3 talents today aka Claire , Graham and Larney and…



A warm welcome to you Claire, Graham and Larney how does it feel to be part of our September 2020 MOLLMAGSA feature this month… what was your first reaction to when Arne gave you the news? 

MODEL CLAIRE – I was extremely excited and grateful to be given the opportunity to feature in MOLLMAGSA. 

GRAHAM FROM UR IMAGE PHOTOGRAPHY – Really excited to be featured. Like being showcased, so as an artist, it also makes me nervous. 

MUA ITSLARNEY MAKEUP – Absolutely blessed and grateful. 

Please introduce yourselves to our readers and fans… a small 3 sentence introduction? 

MODEL CLAIRE – Hi everyone, my name is Claire. I am fairly new to the model scene. “I actually wanted to get into photography and somehow landed up on the opposite side of the camera.” 

I love trying unique and creative ideas. I work in the finance industry so not much creativity goes into the work side of my life. So being able to pose as a model and use my fun creative side to express it has been absolutely amazing. 

GRAHAM FROM UR IMAGE PHOTOGRAPHY – Hi All, I’m foremost a portrait photographer, I love meeting people & doing photo shoots with them to try bring out something different.  

I love trying different things when I shoot, each model brings her own style to the table, this is nice to capture! I am grateful for the opportunity to Shoot for MOLLMAGSA today for this month’s feature with model Claire, myself, Larney and Arne. 

MUA ITSLARNEY MAKEUP – I’m Lauren, I’ve had a massive passion for makeup since I was 16. It’s my passion to make inner beauty shine on the outside as well.

Doing this photo shoot with Graham, Arne and Makeup Artist Larney, what is the one moment that stood out for you the most for this feature today Claire? 

“I would say being able to feature in MOLLMAGSA and working with amazing people in order to do so.”

Lauren is an incredible make-up artist and is always able to make me feel and look beautiful. Graham is a talented photographer and easy to get along with. And also, not forgetting aka Arne… he has been informative, as well as a great eye for making a concept and idea come to reality, and he is great to work with. 

Graham this one is for you Larney, please describe model Claire Du Preez in 3 striking words? 

GRAHAM FROM UR IMAGE PHOTOGRAPHY – “Fun, Bluest Eyes, Warm Personality.” 

MUA ITSLARNEY MAKEUP –Kind, Gorgeous, Passionate.” 

September month is also known as South African Heritage Month, tell us what does it mean to you to be PROUDLY South African and also celebrating your heritage and how would you celebrate it this year of 2020? 

MODEL CLAIRE – I am proud to be part of this nation. South African has beautiful and friendly people, great food, good wine, let’s not forget about Biltong…. the list goes on! “I will definitely be spending the day with family and a few friends having a good old South African braai.” 

GRAHAM FROM UR IMAGE PHOTOGRAPHY – My Heritage are the following: English, German & Afrikaans, so on my Afrikaans side, as most South Africans, I’ll probably have a small braai provided the fire doesn’t go out!!! Wink wink “Or maybe a planned photo shoot will do the trick as well.” 

MUA ITSLARNEY MAKEUP – Being proudly South African for me means to embrace each and every culture in our rainbow nation!  “Be kind to everyone you meet and show that you’re proud of our country in your actions.” 


FAVORITE WAY TO RELAX AFTER A LONG DAY? –  On the couch, feet up with my favorite series playing, accompanied by either chocolate or ice cream.

THERE’S A SUPERHERO IN US ALL WHAT WOULD BE YOUR SUPER POWER YOU WOULD LIKE TO HAVE CLAIRE? –  Mmm, I wish I could fly. That way I could miss traffic…. Also, I am always late and never on time. So hopefully the flying would help. Lol. 

GOING BACK IN TIME WHAT WOULD YOU SAY IS YOUR MOST FAVORITE CHILDHOOD MEMORY? – Building blanket forts with my brother during school holidays.


LIFE LESSONS WHAT’S THE BEST LIFE LESSON YOU HAVE LEARNED AND COULD PASS ON TO OTHERS CLAIRE? – Work hard for what you want in life, things don’t just get given to you.


To me, this world is corrupt, unfair, and (at times) truly horrifying. But it also is vast, and beautiful, and full of things that we will never understand no matter how hard we try. And that is the beauty of it all. 

The fact that the world is wonderful and terrifying, limiting and boundless, new and old all at the same time is amazing. However, because we humans are so obsessed with time, with every second we bother to track is winding down, no one actually stops and looks at the world anymore.

In my mind, if only everyone stopped to look around them and appreciate the beautiful things around us, the world would be a much better place. Appreciate those around you, be kind to one another and look after the precious earth we were given.” 

FAVORITE NETFLIX MOVIE OR TV SHOW AT THE MOMENT? – The art of racing in the rain.