Bringing that inner soulful beauty for today and for our MOLLMAGSA September 2020 feature with the beautiful homegrown South African talent of Vicky Rheeder and Photographer Hannes Spookles.


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Photography by Hannes Spookles from HS MEDIA BY MR SPOOKLES 

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MUA done by Minette Kleynhans from Mozzi Makeup Artist on facebook | instagram


Vicky Rheeder the Adventurous, Inquisitive and Organized” homegrown beauty is back ladies and gents. This South African Beauty Model is all about ” Self discipline , Self Love, striving for perfection”… and did you know she’s a bit obsessed with leopard print fashion.

and in this month’s September 2020 MOLLMAGSA feature we focus today on that fashionista statement of Vicky’s love for LEOPARD PRINT fashion in today’s editorial and more.

As our CEO Arne Schreuder sat down with Photographer Hannes Spookles and Vicky Rheeder in today’s interview.



Welcome Vicky and Hannes how does it feel to be featured today and part of our MOLLMAGSA SEPT 2020 edition? 

Model Vicky Rheeder – Glad to be back once again so so amazing to be part of the MOLLMAGSA Family, thank you so much for the amazing opportunity to feature again I am so thankful and grateful for it. 

Photographer Hannes Spookles – I’m so pleased and thankful for this amazing opportunity to be featured in such a high-class magazine known as MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA, phenomenal to see and know this platform is made to showcase local and international Photography talent. Thank you so much Arne and team for making me part of the family. 

Hannes give us a quick intro background on your journey as a photographer and how did the passion all start for you? 

I am known as Hannes Spookels, even though the “Spookels” part is only my nickname but that has been how people got to know me, I started with photography in 2016 just doing it for fun without any knowledge in the field or industry. I started attending workshops learning more and improving my skills as well.  

  • January 2017 – I made the decision to quit my job as I was tiered for working for someone that doesn’t see and appreciates your value to their company, so I became a full-time photographer, still not really knowing anything in the industry and what it is all about. I had my 1st page HSP – Hannes Spookels Photography, I attended more workshops and Photography Open Days where I could and as much as I could learning what I can from everyone that came into my path.
  • April 2018 – I started a new business with a partner called B&H Media Solutions, where we as a team furthered our ventures and grown a business. Sadly, we decided to part ways and I had a revamp on the new and improved business HS Media by Mr. Spookels in November 2019. Continuing my ventures as a full-time photographer. 
  • I am also a Tattoo Model and Ambassador for  Royal Inked in my free time when I am not working behind the lens as a photographer.

What genres of photography you find yourself most comfortable in to express your vision of creativity in Hannes? 

I won’t say I specialize in anything as I am an all-round photographer, most of my work is with models and the beauty pageant industry, but I also do 

“Weddings, Functions, Birthdays, Family and Maternity shoots as well. I also work with other photographers in the corporate and sport photography side.”

Also, a warm welcome back MOLLMAGSA MOLLBABE model Vicky Rheeder, tell us what have you been up to since we featured you back in January 2020 in a swimwear special? 

Really glad to be back to feature once again… I decided to transform myself into a more sophisticated fashionista this time around. I am honored to showcase this version of myself today. 

“And as you’ve noticed I am obsessed with Leopard print clothing. I LOVE IT so much, it’s so me.”

Back to you Hannes, what is the best advise you can give to people whom look up to you in this hard-working industry as a photographer? 

If I can give anyone advise, never stop, never give up & never quit, don’t be scared, see each opportunity as a challenge, an opportunity to learn something new, challenge yourself to learn, work harder and be yourself, anything in life is possible. 

What does your Photography work mean to you as person Hannes and what message do you want to give with your Photography to the world? 

I strive by working hard, challenging myself to be a better person than I was the day before, improving my skills and learning whatever and where ever I can and creating magical memories for my clients by  

“Capturing a moment in time that would last a lifetime.”


3 WORDS DESCRIBING YOURSELF THE BEST WAY VICKY? – Adventurous, Inquisitive and Organized.

HOBBIES TO RELAX AND REWIND? – Weight lifting and Boxing, Modeling and artistic Drawing and Painting in my free time.

OTHER FEATURE ACHIEVEMENTS YOU ARE ALSO PROUD OF VICKY PLEASE SHARE? – Well other than my modeling features… I also featured in few music videos entitled…Vry my in die donker – Drehardt” and ‘Leon Schuster – Young Zion’ music videos.

Plus I am a Brand Ambassador for Roekeloos Swimwear Brand as well

QUOTE OF THE DAY? – “Strive for perfection Be your own unique version of yourself through the power of Self Love” 

FAVORITE CLOTHING ATTIRE?  – Anything sophisticated stylish oh yes and it must be Leopard Print for me “Embrace your inner soulful wildlife animal.”