Bringing the Beauty of Nature together with today’s dashing and exquisite beauty of Lingerie as we interview MOLLMAGSA mollbabe model Rachel Ashley Johnson and Photography talent Lucius James IV  for our SEPTEMBER 2020 issue


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Photography by Lucius James IV on instagram at @luciusjamesiv also on website

Lingerie Sponsored by AGENT PROVOCATEUR on instagram and website


Our Lingerie Queen aka Rachel Ashley Johnson is all about bringing the Beauty and Love for Nature of our Planet together with the exquisite and dashing beautiful Lingerie she wears in focus for today’s Lingerie Editorial feature for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA September 2020 feature.

Rachel is a loving caring lady with true positive ambitions in life and also a hard worker and very passionate about her goals she sets herself in life…

And this fact truly also shines through when it comes to Loving and Caring for Nature and our Planet as Rachel also is very passionate about saving our planet and being one with nature.

Let’s find out more as our MOLLMAGSA CEO Arne Schreuder sat down with Rachel for today’s interview.

Welcome Rachel for another fantastic feature for our SEPTEMBER 2020 feature, how does it feel being back with us?

“It’s totally a true honor and gift to be featured again… A big thank you to all and to the whole MOLLMAGSA family I am part of.”

For today’s feature what was the theme all about for you as a model for this Lingerie Editorial and Photo shoot Rachel?

I wanted to showcase the following, The Love and Passion about caring for Nature and the Environment with the beautiful set of Lingerie I am wearing from Agent Provocateur.

Working alongside Photographer Lucius James IV for the second time around, what made it so special for you Rachel?

The fact that Lucius keeps on producing these amazing photos of me day in day out. Even with the Pandemic of COVID-19 still around, we both made every second count of this photo shoot. I am very excited and pleased to share these images with everyone today.

Lucius this question is for you… describe Rachel Ashley Johnson’s unique beauty in a nutshell to us from your photographer eye and view?

Well a few words pops up to mind to describe Rachel’s unique beauty and it is as follows:

  • Her beauty is true in who she is as a person in everyday life
  • She always works hard on her physical well-being and fitness lifestyle as her beauty shows it every time when she does a photo shoot.
  • She’s always humble and passionate in what she strives to do with her beauty and achievements in life, she’s a true Pro at it in my opinion.

What’s your message you would like to share with your fans, friends and fellow models out there today Rachel?

  “Be compassionate, loving and caring towards each other be respectful in what you do and show… as kindness is an act of goodwill to all in this tough business of modeling we find ourselves in today.”