Today’s feature is all about SPRING SEASON and bringing a fresh new look and beauty  for this month of SEPTEMBER as we introduce new face aka Tanika Pretorius alongside Eduard Labuschagne from ModelConnectRSA for MOLLMAGSA


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Spring Fever is in the Air… The time when that winter woes disappear,  and its time for the birds and sunny skies turns into songs of beauty sunshine joy again… blossoms in the trees showing off their beautiful colors…

So its just the right time as well to freshin’ things up a bit with a BRAND NEW FACE and LOOK for our MOLLMAGSA mollbabe model family as we introduce to you all aka Tanika Pretorius… another true hidden South African gem when it comes to the modeling industry.

Tanika is not just a model but also a business lady at heart… as she’s also a Entrepreneur, Ambassador and Founder and Owner of a Promoting company.

She’s all the way from the Westrand in Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa. Tanika loves her training fitness and exploring / adventures. As well as she has a addictive sense of funny humor and a kind heart. Lets find out more as our MOLLMAGSA CEO Arne Schreuder sat down to interview Tanika and Eduard today.



Welcome Tanika how does it feel to be one of our MOLLMAGSA MOLLBABE features today for our SEPTEMBER 2020 feature? 

I feel honored to be featured as a MOLLMAGSA MOLLBABE MODEL in September’s feature. As Spring is my favorite time of the year! 

What is it that made you so invested and interested in modeling, tell us where did it all start for you Tanika? 

I started modeling as a hobby and it soon turned out to be a career path for me. This is where Covergirl Promotions business I work for, was born two years ago. As I’m the Founder and owner of 

“I have always felt that I am a people’s person. Being around people full of positive energy.” 

Being in the events and modeling industry made me meet so many new people and I interact with so many new faces each day. This is what keeps me interested and excited as I am an extrovert. 

Introduce yourself to us and our readers in a quick 3 to 5 sentence BIO… where you reside from what your hobbies are and what makes you being you? 

I am Tanika Pretorius. I am a model who resides in the Westrand of JHB. I am a positive person and always up for a new challenge. I have got a strong work ethic and believe in what I do. I live by my values, as they have gotten me this far. My hobbies are training / fitness and exploring / adventure. I love going to new places in my free time. 

“I’d say what makes me, me, will be my kind heart and funny sense of humor.”

It’s September month in South Africa that means Spring Season is in the air… What is it about spring season that stands out the most for you Tanika? 

What stands out for me the most would be all the dull plants, trees and flowers transpiring into something beautiful again. “This gives me hope that everything has a second chance to be renewed in life.” 

With today’s feature photo shoot for us for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA what is the one moment you will always remember about this shoot Tanika and Eduard… please explain in your own words? 

Tanika as a MODEL – The one moment will most probably be our first shoot together when Eduard told me to practice facial expressions in the mirror. I am laughing as I am thinking back, but it worked! “It gave me more confidence and my smile muscles got stronger…” 

I can now smile harder for longer!!! 

Eduard from MODELCONNECTRSA – The vibrant and unique look which makes Tanika so special is those facial features… strong facial expression due to her sharp cheekbones and chin. 

“It makes it a dream when we do close up portraits… and never stop smiling Tanika’s smile is addictive. So fun to work with her.”

Tanika please describe your modeling look to us in 3 words? 

“Different, classy & fun!”


It’s Heritage month in South Africa this September, Tanika tell us how would you celebrate it the best way possible? 

The same way we’ve celebrated it through the centuries. “With our loved ones and family”



WHICH MODELING ICON IN THE WORLD WOULD YOU SAY YOU LOOK UP TO FOR INSPIRATION THE MOST AND WHY? – My modeling icon will be Marilyn Monroe. She discarded the fact that everyone had an opinion. Other’s opinions and lack of interest in her career, never phased her. She became an icon without people’s validation 

YOUR MOST FAVORITE GO TO SIGNATURE MODELING POSE YOU DO WHEN ON A PHOTO SHOOT TANIKA? – My most favorite go to signature pose would most probably be my hands over my face or in my hair… it’s not really a “go-to” but I always end up doing it somewhere along the line 

WHAT IS YOUR MOST FAVORITE BODY PART YOU LOVE ABOUT YOURSELF AND THAT YOU MOSTLY GET COMPLEMINTED THE MOST ON TANIKA? – Would be my sharp face… I never liked my sharp features such as cheekbones and chin. I always got bullied in high school about this and it ended up being the big break in my modeling career because I was different. “Different is beautiful” 

WHAT MAKES YOU MOST PROUD TO BE SOUTH AFRICAN, TANIKA? – I’d say it would be that we don’t call braai, a barbeque… like other countries… Braai is a very unique and tradition in South Africa on its own and it’s #Lekker 

“And we don’t only have to braai on weekends, we can do it during the week as well! 

FAVORITE MOVIE OR NETFLIX SHOW / SERIES AT THE MOMENT? – Favorite show at the moment Power on DSTV. 

WHAT WOULD YOU SAY IS THE MOST DESIRABLE FOR YOU? – Always staying true to myself. I have found inner peace and I always strive to be genuinely happy in everything I do. “If it doesn’t bring me joy, it’s not worth it.” 

IF YOU COULD HAVE A SUPER POWER WHAT WOULD IT BE? – It would be taking away everybody’s insecurities 

STAR SIGN / BIRTH MONTH? – Leo 24 July My birthday is literally 24/7… wink wink. 

MOST VALUABLE LIFE LESSON THUS FAR YOU HAVE LEARNED PLEASE SHARE? – Never let other’s expectations define who you are.